Step 3: S - Killerjackalope

Picture of S - Killerjackalope
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Well I started by designing my S on paper, starting simple, draw the boundary box for sizes and fit within that. I kept it reasonably free of embellishments in the shape because I'd already figured out what I was going to do with it.

Next step was to transfer my design to wood which I got from my friend in the joinery department, handy knowing people so it is...

Next I went about transferring the design and sanding filing, all that lark to get the letter just perfect, stopping there would be silly it looked pristine and wonderful, completely unreasonable...

Next I tightly wrapped the letter in 24ga constantan wire, not because it's magic or something, it's conductive to heat and was to hand, plus I was worried about rusty marks from steel or grey marks from galvanized.

Now this took some experimentation, to get this bit right... I had to somehow lightly sear the wood without heating the wire up too much. First go with the craft torch seemed promising until I realized it was very patchy due to the small heating area. Holding over the gas hob in quick passes got better results but didn't work just right and set off the smoke alarms. Putting a bit in the old toaster, never put metal in a toaster, I'm dumb and had a spare toaster gave cool results but not what I wanted...

Eventually the thing that came through for me was the usual suspect, when you need to burn something what do you go for? It's something every schoolboy has done, can of deodorant flame thrower, the heat was in a big enough area and intense enough that I could tan in my colour with no hotspots.

After I finally got the thing finished what did I think of and it'll be a project soon? Using the resistance wire wrapped all over the thing as a big heating element, a few seconds on a car battery or any other high amp supply would have caused the inverted effect of what I had and look amazing, however I was happy with my big S which looked like I planned eventually.

Next little bit was taking the small stand block and doing the same to it, put some small holes in to the back of the letter and put a couple of screws in...

Make a silly manual and we're finished here...

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