Introduction: How to Thread Bobbin on Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 12

In this tutorial, I will show you how to pull bottom thread up

Step 1: Sewing Machine

Picture of Sewing Machine

I am using a Kenmore sewing machine for this tutorial

Step 2: Expose Bobbin

Picture of Expose Bobbin

Remove the 2 trays to access bottom bobbin

Step 3: Prepare Bottom Bobbin

Picture of Prepare Bottom Bobbin

-Life the latch to unlock the bobbin from case

-Pull thread away from you

-Insert bobbin into bobbin case

-Pull thread under tension spring

Step 4: Put Bobbin Back

Picture of Put Bobbin Back

-Pull lever out

-Insert bobbin into bobbin case and release lever

-Pull thread to give a few inches from the bobbin


Step 5: Bring Bottom Thread Up

Picture of Bring Bottom Thread Up

-Grab the wheel from right of sewing machine and turn toward you

-Keep turning until bottom thread in this position

-Pull top thread and it should form a loop and catch bottom thread up

-I use a small fork to pull bottom thread up


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