Picture of How to Thread a Sewing Machine
Machine from a flea market or thrift shop with no instructions? Now you can finally use it

Step 1: The Machine Setup

Picture of The Machine Setup
This is your basic sewing machine. No fancy stuff. It has a presser foot and a thin arm where the bobbin goes for hemming and detailed work. I set mine up on my ironing board so that I have my iron ready and I also like to stand when I sew. You will find what works best for you…play around with the setup a little.
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IsmtechB4 months ago

I am so lost when it comes to the bobbin coming up through the ????, what? First off i had no idea there was always 2 threads involved in sewing, total newb here

jesslam1 year ago
Very helpful. Got the job done :) Thanks!
I think the bobbin part on my machine is broken or missing a piece :/ it's a REALLY old machine that my Gramma gave my mom. I borrowed it, and every time I try to sew, the bobbin gets all screwed up and the machine tried to eat the dress that I was trying to sew Q~Q
dkstai2 years ago
I recently acquired a Wards UHT J 1934 sewing machine with no manual. I've searched the Internet for a couple of weeks with no luck finding one, even to purchase. I can find one for model 1943, but not 1934. Mine looks like the 1943 except for the reverse and stitch is a knob where you push in the middle of the knob for reverse and the 1943 has a reverse lever with a finger wheel for the stitch.
Any help would be appreciated as I'm at a loss on how to operate this machine. Thank you, for whatever help you can give.
Jamuna3 years ago
Hi everyone:)

My baby's name is Brother double stitch. I'm not sure of the model but it's an old school one. I just bought it recenctly and am still learning how to operate it as it is my first time sewing with a machine.
Now with these old school babies, you get tension control unit on the exterior. I can see it's very lose but I just don't know how to tighten it.

Can anyone please please help. Thank you in advance :)
kahuri3 years ago
I bought a german AMYSA . second hand. it does not have a manual, and i just realised it does not have a bobbin holder. it has an electric motor, but it does not run smoothly. it keeps catching, the motor is running but the needle does not go up or down. have to use the hand crank thingie to restart it.
any ideas, thanks.
ssteuer4 years ago
Hi folks. I have a Riccar 650 and I don't remember how to thread it--the instructions are really cryptic and it doesn't follow the conventions of most other (obvious) machine threading patterns. Can anyone help with a photo-- or clarification of the confusing diagrams? I've searched the web and found nothing....

thank you!
how do you thread a totally me sewing machine can you pleasre help me
ssteuer ssteuer4 years ago
sorry-- I thought I'd uploaded the photo of the "instructions" and didn't know how to go back and do it-- so here it is...
swojslaw4 years ago
i accidently removed the little black thing that holds the bobbin, does anyone know how i can get it back in how it was supposed to be????
sacha304 years ago
Hello I have been given a Janome JF 1004 sewing machin as a gift and I am a beginner and havent a clue how to thread this could you please help? or have a download manual to help? Thank you x
if anyone can help with a scan or email copy or pdf of a
Penncrest 3000

my wife's mom just passed and left her one in perfect condition and no manual for it.
Please help me make her smile.

golferguy1 (at) fastmail (dot) fm
oliviarita5 years ago
If you would like to know how to wind the bobbin and how to thread a sewing machine check out this video.  It has great zoom in shots so you can see exactly where to put the string.  


crossmusic6 years ago
For more step by step instructions with pics, go to

jenjen4267 years ago
By chance can anyone please tell me how to transfer thread from a spool to a bobbin? I know it can be done on the sewing machine itself. However I can't recall how its done. Many thanks.
Hey jenjen426,

push the winding spool (on the top of the machine, on the absolute right of the machine as you sit in front of it) to the right. Put the thread on the spool, bring the thread around the circle-like thing so it crosses over itself (I don't get it that myself) and bring the thread up through a hole in a bobbin, and then snap that bobbin onto the bobbin windining spool, which is on the right.
Push down on the pedal of the machine, and the machine will begin to wind thread onto the spool. It will stop when it is full; clilp the thread off with the scissors and you're good to go.
Efemmeral (author)  jenjen4267 years ago
check out youtube they have a video on how to do it

suicuneisme8 years ago
I have a Perfect Seamstress sewing Machine. Is it threaded the same way and if not can someone post a know how on how to do so?
Efemmeral (author)  suicuneisme8 years ago
I have a singer 2250, and here is my problems -- I pulled on the bobbin thread, very gently, and what I think is called the hook shuttle and the circlely thingey that circles round the bobbin case both fell out. I have been told since that both of these parts, which surround the bobbin case, are supposed to come out for when you clean the fluff out from around the bobbin case, but obviously I haven't been around a sewing machine in a long time. I cannot get these pieces back in the machine. can anybody out there help me? thank you!
If you ever discovered how to thread and make bobbin work for the Perfect Seamstress, please share that information with me. I have tried for days to get the bobbin to work. Thanks. Savannch
Does anyone know how to wind a metal bobbin for a Brother 12OV? It looks very different from the typical plastic bobbin. I don't sew very often and have never had to change the bobbin on this machine. I'm desperately trying to finish my daughter's christmas stocking!""
I have just acquired an old craftamatic by pinnock. and i have no idea how to thread it? anyone know? because i can't find anything on the Internet
Angeldkaye6 years ago
I have a Singer sewing machine that my Mom gave me before she passed. I don't even know how to find the model number on it. Also, I have tried to use it, but the bobbin thread keeps bunching up on the bottom of the cloth. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And what should I have the settings on? I'm sure you can see that I am definitely new at this. I'm thankful to have someone I can ask for help. Thank you
jaccid7 years ago
Can someone please post instructions of threading the 758 model. especially the bobbin, so confusing!
hi, found this on the web, don´t know if it is the right model, so please let me know if it work for you.
This was really helpful. I have a question though. I have essentially the same sewing machine, but I don't know what the different setting on the front do. I tried switching them and testing them out, but I think I was doing something wrong because they all just came out as a mess...
Hello. The small knob on the left controls the tension of the upper thread, you adjust it depending on the fabric, layers, thread and needle to get an uniform stich, if it is too tight, you`ll see loops of the lower thread on top and the fabric might wrinkle, if it is too loose, you can get loops of the upper thread on the underside, generally when you get a setting that works for your usual sewing, you hardly have to move this control. The sliders are for adjusting form straight to zig-zag stitch, second to move the position of the needle from left, right and center, thind one to use special stitches built in the machine, fourth one can´t see what it means. The large knob is to set the length of the stich, ussually set in millimeters it means if you have it in "2", you´ll get a 2 mm stich, turning it around fully will activate the special steps to create a "button sleeve" (forgive me here, i don´t know the right word in english), and you go from step 1 to 4 to create it, afterwards you have to return to normal stitch length and to straight stitch. Hope this solves a little of your doubts, get some scrap of material and play aroud a little to see the actual difference changing the settings!
adamvan20007 years ago
OMG, you're a saint! I have been looking all over the internet for how to do this. Should have known that it would be on my favourite how-to DIY site. Only one question. Instead of laying flat, my bobbin holder under the sewing platform is vertical. Does that make a difference? I'll try and take pictures once I find our camera. ~adamvan2000
hello, if the bobbin goes vertical on the left side, the difference would be in the direction you insert the thread on the needle, instead of front to back, you`ll have to insert it left to right. Hope this solves your problem.
Tiffany28927 years ago
Great instructions! Thanks for posting. Just one question though: I got up until the end of step 12, where it shows to pull the thread from the bobbin as well as the thread from the spool on top, everything looks like the diagram, but I don't get what you do with the two threads after that...? It says on one website that you put them under the pressure foot and to the back and right of the machine, but what does that mean? Do they attach to something? I tried that and everytime I sew the needle comes unthreaded and the threads tangle.. can you plz help? :) thanks
Hi Tiffany, this is my first time and its been a long time since I have sewn. but i think I can answer your question. Pull those two threads backwards from the foot a couple or several inches, being sure the one through the needle goes though the bottom of the foot before going back. Do NOT start to sew. Put the fabric under the foot, and put the foot down. Now hold those two threads tight between your fingers as you begin to sew. After a couple stitches are in, you can let go. The reason the needle unthreads otherwise is because the machine is pulling on the thread to make the stitch tight, and if there's no new stitch when it pulls, it just pulls itself back up. The stitching prevents this, anchors the thread in the cloth. I hope that helps. Merahu
psafthim7 years ago
Thank you so much for the instructions and the pictures. My mother passed away a few years ago and I used to watch her sew, but when I got her machine, I had no idea how to use it. I've read other instructions, but didn't understand, then I saw your pictures! There are so many projects that have gone unfinished because I didn't know where to start! Thanks!!!
stasterisk7 years ago
I have a lot of mystery settings on my new "White" brand home industrial-revolution machine. What's the best place to find out what an "R, C, L, TN" selector knob might do? Or the "Down, Low, High" knob? I'm also unsure what the SS-M selector on the stitch-chooser means, or what stretch stitches are. Is there a generic guide to the meaning of these shorthand-labeled knobs? Thanks for the instructable!
jaccid7 years ago
Anybody got a manual for the singer touch and sew model 758?
jaccid....... did you get the instructions? would you mind to sharing them with me? My aunt gave me her machine but I don't know how to use it! please let me know... @ RaquelSpiegelman@hotmail.com I would appreciate it Sooo much since it seems impossible to find instructions!
jjmcgaffey8 years ago
One thing/trick about the bobbin - it needs to go in so that when you pull on the thread, the bobbin turns the opposite way you'd expect. Looking at the picture in step 10 - the thread is running through the metal notch at the front. If you grab it and pull to the right, the bobbin should turn away from you - clockwise - rather than spinning to the right as you'd expect. The same thing applies for vertical bobbins - pull right and the bobbin should turn clockwise. If it turns the wrong way, pull it out and put it in upside down. If the bobbin is turning the wrong way, it will either not go anywhere or catch and bunch up under the footplate - problems people have commented on here.
pam8 years ago
thanks so much but i still have a problem it dont make a stiches what should the tension be set at upper one and the bottom tension
Efemmeral (author)  pam8 years ago
too much tension will cause a pucker (too tight) *to decrease tension, turn the upper dial to a lower # too little tension will produce loops (too loose) *to increase tension, turn the upper dial to a higher # If your machine has no numbers righty tighty lefty loosy might work. Good Luck
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