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Introduction: How to Throw a Football

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So, you plan to throw a big superbowl party. Your guest come and decide they want to play a quick game of football to  warm up for the real game. Alas, you know nothing about how to throw a football, and when the game is over, your team loses and you come out looking like an idiot. To avoid this horrid embarrassment, I'm going to teach you how to throw a football.

Step 1: Step 1: the Stance

When throwing a football, make sure to always be on your toes. Literally. Lifting your heels of the ground will provide a great sense of mobility to aid you. It will help you to quicker react to things like blitzes. You can also  move around a lot faster. Look at the pictures to get a good sense of how to do this. By the way, I'm wearing shorts, not nothing.

Step 2: Step 2: the Grip

The grip is a very important aspect  of throwing the ball. If you hold it wrong, the ball will go flying off like a UFO and be almost impossible to catch. To grip the ball, just place your hand on the laces with your index, ring, and fourth finger slightly over the laces with your pinky resting on top over on the other side of the laces. Your thumb should be curved down around the ball as shown in the picture. Put your hand further back though, to get more power out of it.

Step 3: Step 3: the Drawback

The second step is the drawback of the arm. A lot of pro quarterbacks do this differently, but the general idea is that you draw your arm back shorter for short passes and further back for longer passes. If a receiver is running a quick in/out round or throwing to a running back, you only need to pull your arm back about where your head is. If you are throwing to a receiver running a deep post or a streak, draw your arm back all the way to get the most power out of it.

Step 4: Step 4: the Throw

The final and most important step is the throw. Whatever you do, apply a lot of force to the ball. Throwing a lob with hardly any force basically gives the defense just as good a chance as your receiver to catch it. Throwing it with a lot of force gives your receiver a greater chance to catch the ball and will get the ball to him much quicker. When throwing a short pass, use the short draw described in the last step, then apply tons of force to throw it straightforward to your receiver and make a nice bullet pass. For a big bomb, use the big drawback, then use a lot of muscle to launch the ball down the field. Now you may be thinking, but then it just flounders around and is hard to catch, and you are right. That is why you need to grip the ball as shown it step 2, then as you are moving forward, release almost all your grip on the ball and as you are pushing your arm forward, move your arm across your body to your left(or right for left handers) while making sure that your fingertips are touching the ball. This will cause the ball to use the sideways motion and forward motion to launch the ball with a beautiful spiral. Now this does take a lot of practice to do and perfect, but this teaching should make it very easy to do.

Step 5: The End

You now know how to correctly throw a football. Have Fun!



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    thats hillarious

    Let's see you throw better than Tebow.

    Lol. He's a great guy, but can't throw a good spiral.

    The grip is very important, just as important as the throwing motion. If you don't get a decent spiral on the ball it will travel significantly shorter. I like to rest my middle finger at the very beginning of the laces and then have my ring and pinky finger spaced one lace apart. We all have different hands so this may not work for everyone. When playing with a college ball (one with sripes) I've always been told to keep my thumb and middle finger below the stripes.

    Throwing the ball takes a lot of practice, it will be very frustrating for someone just beginning. It will take a lot of time before your ball resembles that of Brady's. Just keep practicing and experiment with different grips, different trajectories, how hard you are squeezing, how you follow through after release, so on and so on. Playing with someone who could teach you is also a big plus.

    Good luck to anyone who is learning!

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    Ah! There's the picture that I didn't take. Look at that grip, that's how it's supposed to be.

    Nah, it's actually an optical illusion for the picture. It hit the ground before the tree. But I could hit the truck if I wanted.

    I'm from Australia and I'm a bit puzzled by the description here. I thought you had to effect a spin into the ball, which was the reason for the fingers along the laces. Is throwing with straight with power enough? Is there no technique for imparting spin to the ball on release or is that just a consequence of throwing? It's Superbowl time here is three and a half hours - 10.30am Monday our Time.
    Cheers :)

    2 replies

    You are right that you require spin on the ball but it is very hard to describe. The downward motion of your hand twists the ball as it releases your fingers. Somehow you snap the ball so it spins tightly upon release. It's really hard to describe but will be achieved with plenty of practice.

    Basically what he said. It is very hard to describe, but the downward and leftward motion will propel the ball. Practice makes perfect.

    Awesome! Though, always wondered, do you need to stick your other arm forward when you draw back with your right (if ou are right handed)? I always seem to do that like I'm pointing where I'm throwing.

    1 reply

    You can if you want, but it isn't really necessary. If it helps you, then you can do that, just make sure you don't accidentally bat down the ball when you try and throw it ;)