Picture of How to Throw a Football
This instructable documents on how to correctly throw a football.

Step 1: Hand Placement

Picture of Hand Placement
A) Place hand on ball with index finger closest to the tip of the ball.
B) Place middle finger off the end of the white laces.
C) Place ring finger inbetween second and third laces from the back.
D) Place pinky finger between fourth and fifth laces from the back.
E) Wrap thumb around ball.
patriotsman3 years ago
this really helped me throw farther and better, thanks!
my comment its been deleted noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we are all DOOOOOOMED LOL :)
snelpiller5 years ago
great instrictable but shouldnt it be "how to throw and american football" ?
an* :D
A football's a football. And that's a football.
matthewbate5 years ago
Surely you throw a football with your foot.
sorry but thats how u throw a foot ball and by name ain't surely
benz_z benz_z5 years ago
oops my
Kaiven5 years ago
It should say American Football, because many people around the world are going to think it is a football... aka soccer ball. Lol nice instructions!
scoochmaroo5 years ago
Great process shots!. I may learn this yet!
nice! thanks