Introduction: How to Throw a Football

This instructable documents on how to correctly throw a football.

Step 1: Hand Placement

A) Place hand on ball with index finger closest to the tip of the ball.
B) Place middle finger off the end of the white laces.
C) Place ring finger inbetween second and third laces from the back.
D) Place pinky finger between fourth and fifth laces from the back.
E) Wrap thumb around ball.

Step 2: Stance

A) Place both feet shoulder width apart with throwing shoulder back.
B) Raise with both hands to ear level, with laces facing away from you. (with thumbs together)
C) Face the target with non-throwing shoulder towards the target.

Step 3: Release

A) Cock shoulders back while raising ball two to three inches.
B) Drop non-throwing hand from ball to chest level.
C) Release throwing arm into forward motion.
D) While throwing arm is In forward motion, raise ball above head.
E) While completing step two, three, and four, step forward with leg opposite of throwing hand toward target.

Step 4: Finger Roll

A) While releasing ball of hand, let ball roll off fingers starting with pinky and ending with the index finger.
B) After letting ball roll off fingers, end with index finger pointing toward target.

Step 5: Follow-Through

A) Continue rotating hand until thumb points down while dropping throwing arm down.
B) Bring back leg forward while dropping the throwing arm to the side.
C) Pray that your receiver catches the ball.

Step 6: Video Demonstration

This video shows all steps completed in one sequence.


matthewbate made it!(author)2009-10-02

Surely you throw a football with your foot.

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Ladies and gentlemen, Chad Henne is in the house...

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sorry but thats how u throw a foot ball and by name ain't surely

benz_z made it!(author)2009-10-02

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nice! thanks

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patriotsman made it!(author)2011-12-27

this really helped me throw farther and better, thanks!


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tahirhh made it!(author)2009-10-03

Even though I'm from england just thought I should mention that the American football is called a football because it was originally a foot long, unlike a British football and wherever else they call soccer football, which is named a football since you play it primarily with your feet.

Kaiven made it!(author)2009-10-02

It should say American Football, because many people around the world are going to think it is a football... aka soccer ball. Lol nice instructions!

snelpiller made it!(author)2009-10-02

great instrictable but shouldnt it be "how to throw and american football" ?

snelpiller made it!(author)2009-10-02

an* :D

scoochmaroo made it!(author)2009-10-02

Great process shots!. I may learn this yet!

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