Introduction: How to Throw a Paper Air Plane

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Have you ever thrown a paper air plane and had a epic FAIL? Or do you just want to improve your air plane throwing skills? This Instructable will show you how!

Step 1: the Physics of a Paper Air Plane

You don't have to be a genius " Like Me " to throw a paper air plane!

Here's the basic physics of a paper air plane

* Lift: What keeps the plane up

* Drag: What makes the plane slow down

*Thrust: What makes the plane go foreword

*Gravity: The force that pulls your plane down

Keep these in your mind.

Step 2: Things That Will Stop Paper Planes

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Many things will try to stop your plane. Here's some.

* Wind

* A Tree

* A Cat

* The Neighbor's Shot Gun

Step 3: Things to Make Your Plane Out of


I would like to see if you guys could make it out of something else. Tin foil maybe?

Step 4: Tips

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The lighter the plane is, throw softer. But not to soft. Find a good design, that helps alot

Step 5: Thanks for Reading

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Thanks for reading!

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madden mobile (author)2015-11-24

bro u have funny jokes there so cheesy

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