How to Tie Carp Fishing Rigs - the Ultimate Pop Up Rig




Introduction: How to Tie Carp Fishing Rigs - the Ultimate Pop Up Rig

A series of videos that'll help you put more carp on the bank!

Paul Cooper shows you how to construct the ultimate pop-up rig.

Note from Paul; " I didn't make it clear on the clip why I use the short tag of 30lb Seaguar. Well, it keeps the shrink tube in place because although appearing stiff, without the Seaguar the shrink tuibe does not maintain its shape. The Seaguar stiffens the rig. After the capture of a fish without the Seaguar the shrink tube straightens out, with the Seaguar it returns back to the bent shape that was intended, hence giving that advatage of ensuring the hook takes hold and remains in the fish's mouth. This is a brilliant rig that has been kept quiet for a couple of years. It has been used without the nylon added, but it is nowhere near as effective.



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