How to Tie Dye a Grateful Dead Jerry Bear





Introduction: How to Tie Dye a Grateful Dead Jerry Bear

This instructable features a video I made on how to tie dye a Grateful Dead Jerry Bear.

Step 1: Video on How to Make

Here is video I made to show more advanced dyers how I tie dye a Grateful Dead Jerry Bear by request. The video is speed up on some parts. Good luck with your dyeing!
Please check out J Tribe Creations for my tie dye and handmade clothing (link is in my profile).

IF you make tie dye for profit and use my tutorial, please give me a shout out for inspiration in your listing. That's just good karma, thanks!



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very cool technique, I've always wondered how elaborate designs such as this were made. You've inspired me to try something like this when the kids get older and can help :-)

Are you sure this is your own video?

Yes and I have more videos on YouTube. That's an odd question but I dye professionally.

amazing i'm definitely gonna vote for you

Very cool. Thanks for sharing how you made this!

Thanks for the kind compliment.