Introduction: How to Tie Dye...Punk Rock Style!

Ever wanted to tie dye your own shirts but maybe thought it would be too messy? Well here's a simple and mess free method to a kick ass tie dyed shirt... punk rock style of course!

Below, we'll show you how - including a video of the whole process at the bottom!

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Step 1: What You'll Need.

You will need an old shirt and a few different cans of spray paint. (Flat of Ultra flat spray paint works the best). We decided to go with camoflage.

Step 2: Twisting the Shirt

Then, pinch the middle of the shirt and twist it into a spiral. Make sure all parts of the shirt are bunched up, then you're ready to apply the spray paint!

Step 3: Your First Color!

Cover the entire bunched up shirt in spraypaint, and let dry a few minutes and you've got your first layer.

Step 4: More Colors and More Paint!

For more spiral patterns, twist the shirt up in different places then apply different colors.

Step 5: Flip and Repeat!

Now flip the shirt over and do the same thing to the back...

Step 6: A New Punk Rock Tie Dyed Shirt!

Congratulations! You've just made a punk rock tie dye shirt!!!!

Step 7: The Video

Still want more? Here's a video!


crackpipe56 made it!(author)2008-10-07

True punks hated hippies.

Luxepheray made it!(author)2016-12-08

Perhaps one thought the other was too optimistic or angry (This certainly doesn't apply to all punks or hippies), but they both had similar ideals in many instances, like anti-war, anti-establishment, and pro-environmentalism. There's also a bit of a decade difference; it was early punks with hold-out hippies, if anything.

LucDaRocka1 made it!(author)2012-03-16

im hippie punk

casemaster5 made it!(author)2010-03-29

punks doesnt refer to one person. alot of people dont like hippies sure some punks dont like them but that doesnt mean all of them.

LucDaRocka1 made it!(author)2012-03-16

im hippie punk.......

TwaimzBae4Life made it!(author)2016-02-13


sk8erfreeks made it!(author)2013-04-29


hazgirl22 made it!(author)2010-04-06

Dude, this looks awesome!! Can't wait to try it for myself!

If some of it flakes off it might make it look even more grunge. :)

snipefast17 made it!(author)2009-06-04

can u wash it properly?

berry%21 made it!(author)2009-07-04

I generally wash my spray-painted shirts by hand, inside out. I'm probably being over careful. But if you're too rough on it, it can flake off.

snipefast17 made it!(author)2009-06-04

looks insanely good

cornflaker made it!(author)2009-06-04

Not a fan of tie-dying but that looks mad!

tmgsharks66 made it!(author)2009-04-28

ayyy they prolly meant the way it turned out lookd punky. chillzax ppl!! sheesh.

l3wk made it!(author)2008-11-08

dude youve got it all wrong hippies are cool and punks are cool but please dont try to mix the two its just stupid

alexhdavis made it!(author)2007-05-12

tie die is what hippies do, not punk rockers.

Kuhan made it!(author)2008-09-29

it's hippie-punk

AnarchistKid made it!(author)2007-05-16

punk came from hippie-ism

youcallinmefat345 made it!(author)2008-09-24

After these are made can they be washed ???

rocksalt2342 made it!(author)2008-08-13
sk8terhippy made it!(author)2008-07-28

thats so punk-rock

Deadpunk made it!(author)2008-06-27

I took this idea and tweaked it a bit instead of a shirt i used a king sized bed sheet these are pictures of it hanging in my basement but it now proudly hangs in my bed room

IdahoDavid made it!(author)2007-05-11

Looks great. Is the spray paint human-friendly and earth friendly?

dustin_grey made it!(author)2008-03-10

Absolutely not. And oh well.

spoulson made it!(author)2007-05-11

I like the look. Any advice on the choice of paint to use? Although it's against the punk rock style, I'd want to wash it and not have it fall apart or stain other articles.

Mad+Anthony+Wayne+III made it!(author)2008-01-06

I've been spray painting my tee- shirts for about a year now and I've never had any staining happen. Also I'm no sure how the paint matters I usually just pick up anything at eye level at the hardware store xD hope that helps -anthony

w00ty32 made it!(author)2008-03-07

don't do the eye level stuff, it costs more

Mad+Anthony+Wayne+III made it!(author)2008-03-08

i never thought of that. i only knew they did that at like grocery stores and stuff. good advice haha always lay on the ground when you buy stuff.

w00ty32 made it!(author)2008-03-09

no, Heres what you do:
1. buy cheap *** wal-mart skate board.
2. chop off the flared ends of the board
3. get those grippy gloves
4. take all these to a store
5. put on glove, lay stomach down on board
6. propel yourself around store.

Mace42 made it!(author)2007-09-01

Oh my gosh that is about the coolest thing ever.

ianlikescake made it!(author)2007-08-12

did that today it looked really cool but the shirt didnt fit me anymore XD. oh well great instructable.

AnarchistKid made it!(author)2007-05-16

is this a series of videos??? if so, what is the name of the series?

threadbanger made it!(author)2007-05-17

Our show is called Thread Heads and the site where you can watch and download every episode is at: or subscribe on iTunes to get them all. Get the iTunes link from our site (or at the top of this instructable).

AnarchistKid made it!(author)2007-05-20

thanks! you guys rock

lemonie made it!(author)2007-05-10

The finished product looks good, you have some nice sharp creases. Quick and easy no doubt. I knew someone who tried 'dying' his camoflage-jacket black, with motorbike-paint, it didn' work too well... L

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