Introduction: How to Tie Your Shoe Lace

Learning how to tie your shoe lace

Step 1: Grabbing the Shoe Laces

Grab the right side and left side shoe lace

Step 2: Crossing Them Over

Grab both sides of the laces and cross them over then put one of the laces through the triangular shape down the bottom

Step 3: Pulling the Shoe Lace Tight

then pull it tight

Step 4: Making a Bunny's Ear

Grab the left shoe lace and make a bunny's ear

Step 5: Wrapping the Show Lace Around the Bunny Ear

Grab the right shoe lace, wrap it around your fingers then put it through the hole and pull it tight

Step 6: Putting It Through the Hole and Pulling Tight

after you have wrapped it around your finger put it through the small hole and pull it tight


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