How to Tie Your Shoes Cool - So They Don't Undo




Introduction: How to Tie Your Shoes Cool - So They Don't Undo

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Prologue: Well, it has been a LONG time since I have posted anything. I have been increasingly busy over the last couple of months. I will try to post more stuff soon if time will allow for it.

Intro: Now  with that aside, let's get into exactly how to tie the shoes. Basically, instead of tying a double knot which can be upset and hard to undo, you tie a single knot like you originally learned.

The Process: Most of us reading this can speak from experience that single knots can be easily undone. Therefore, you fuse both the single and double knot together to create a different knot. The video is kind of quick so I will just transcribe the steps in the video.
  1. Over and Under or Under and Over. If you prefer, it can be Left side over Right side and Right side over Left side.
  2. Begin to form your loops for your knot.
  3. Proceed to tie a regular single knot
  4. Loop it through once but instead of tying it down like you normally would when tying your shoes, loop it through a second time and tie.
  5. Enjoy the knot. It will not undo itself without you actually pulling on it when you need to undo it.



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