Introduction: How to Tie a Bow With String, Yarn, or Ribbon!

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I was just thinking about random things on my mind, then I started to think about crafts, and this craft which I have been doing for years.And this came to my head, so I decided to make an instrucable on it!Anyways, enjoy the craft!

Step 1: Materials

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A piece of string, yarn, or ribbon (I'm using yarn)

A hand with at least three fingers

1 minute you can use to make it


And that's it!

Step 2: Makeing the Bow!

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Wrap the string around three fingers at least ten times, then slowly take it off your fingers.Then take one inch of string (Take more if your tying it around something) and tie it around the middle.

Step 3: Finished!

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Now you have your own little bow decoration made cheaplyIf you wrap more of string around a bigger object then you'll have a bigger bow to!

I realized that there was an impossible to fix flaw in the other craft, so I'm not publishing it, and not adding in a link.Sorry!


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