Step 4:

This is the big secret.  On the back side of the first loop, give the ribbon a good twist.  This will turn the "right" side of the ribbon to the outside of the bow.
I've never been able to make these bows, and I've read tons of tutorials. You explained this subject so well- thanks!
Lovely!!!! Grandson says "pretty and cool, love the blue spots" He is 5 and has good taste. You are welcome.
<p>i'm going to link your instructable to mine. My bow making needs alot of work but I think it was fair for a first try.</p>
<p>Thanks for the info. Have a great day!</p>
thanx u were a big help i was in a lose coz i codnt get a nice bow <br>so thanx a banch
You are welcome!
Perfect!<br><br>Thank you so much!<br>
It looks great! Glad you liked it!

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