Step 4:

This is the big secret.  On the back side of the first loop, give the ribbon a good twist.  This will turn the "right" side of the ribbon to the outside of the bow.
<p>My door swag just needed a bow to make it complete. Thanks for the instructions!</p>
<p>Very nice!! I should try a door swag.</p>
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
<p>Thank you!</p><p>I have been trying to make this type of bow for years with no luck. Thank you for sharing.</p>
You are welcome! Have a great day!
<p>I used your tutorial to make a bow for a door wreath I was working on. It turned out beautifully! Thank you so much!</p>
It is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
<p>This looks much easier than I thought it was going to be. They will look great on the wreaths I want to make for Christmas presents. I'm just wondering about how many yards of ribbon will you need to make the entire bow? At the beginning you say cut 3 yards. Is that 3 yards for the whole bow? Thank you</p>
The bow I made in the Instructable uses 3 yards, total. If you want it to be fuller (more loops), add another yard or too. Thanks for asking.
<p>Excellent directions. Made a bow for the top of my Christmas tree!!</p>
Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.
<p>Thank you so much! We are getting ready for Advent in my parish. Your instructable was very clear and adaptable for the style of bow I wanted to make I just used less layers. Your way is much easier than the old way I was doing it, and the results are much nicer. Thanks again!</p>
I've never been able to make these bows, and I've read tons of tutorials. You explained this subject so well- thanks!
Lovely!!!! Grandson says &quot;pretty and cool, love the blue spots&quot; He is 5 and has good taste. You are welcome.
<p>i'm going to link your instructable to mine. My bow making needs alot of work but I think it was fair for a first try.</p>
<p>Thanks for the info. Have a great day!</p>
thanx u were a big help i was in a lose coz i codnt get a nice bow <br>so thanx a banch
You are welcome!
Perfect!<br><br>Thank you so much!<br>
It looks great! Glad you liked it!

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