Picture of How to Tie a French Braid Crown
The purpose of these instructions is to teach you how to tie a French Braid Crown (FBC). These instructions are meant to teach someone how to braid the style into someone else's hair (these are not self-braiding instructions ). This is a fun, quick style that helps keep unruly hair in place while still allowing the wearer's hair to look unique and stylish. The instructions for the FBC are geared towards individuals who have experience with french braiding, and are familiar with the fundamentals . There will be some general steps presented on how to french braid, but the main focus will be on executing the crown style. Braiding this hairstyle is a quick task, only taking up to 10 minutes to complete - and the task time should decrease with practice! So if you're looking for a unique, quick style, look no further and continue reading to learn how to tie a French Braid Crown!
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
Provided below is a list of materials needed to tie a FBC:

1. Comb
2. Bobby Pins
3. Hair Tie/Rubber Band
4. Long hair to braid

Step 2: Comb Hair

Picture of Comb Hair
Use the comb to comb out any snarls in the hair.

*Note: It is easier to braid this style with dry hair.

Step 3: Comb Hair from Center

Picture of Comb Hair from Center
Use the comb to position the front half of the hair forward starting from a center location. The hair will be hanging in front of the wearer's face.

Step 4: Part Hair

Picture of Part Hair
Use the comb to part the hair from the center location to above the left ear.

Step 5: Section Hair

Picture of Section Hair
Divide a medium-sized chunk of hair from the rest of the hair and separate it into three equal sections.

Step 6: Begin French Braiding

Picture of Begin French Braiding
Begin french braiding, continually pivoting around the center location. Make sure to continuously add in hair from the center of the head.

*Note: Provided below is a quick introduction to french braiding.

1. Separate a section of hair into three equal parts.
2. Cross the right-most strand over the middle strand to make it the new middle strand.
3. Add some hair to the new right-most strand.
4. Cross the left-most strand over the middle strand to make it the new middle strand.
5. Add some hair to the new left-most strand.
6. Continue with steps 2-5 to complete the french braid.

7. Tie off the end of the braid.

Step 7: Continue Braiding

Picture of Continue Braiding
Continuously guide the braid a couple of inches from the hairline.

Step 8: Continue Braiding

Picture of Continue Braiding
Continue french braiding around the head, making sure to keep adding hair from the center of the head.

Step 9: Continue Regular Braid

Picture of Continue Regular Braid
When you have reached the origin of the braid, all of the hair should be in the french braid. Tie a regular braid with the remaining hair.

Step 10: Tie off Braid

Picture of Tie off Braid
Tie off the braid using a hair tie or rubber band.

Step 11: Pin the Braid

Picture of Pin the Braid
Tuck the remaining braid behind the french braid and use bobby pins to hold it in place.

Step 12: The Hairstyle is Complete!

Picture of The Hairstyle is Complete!
Voila! You have now created a French Braid Crown and the wearer is ready to hit the town!

*Note: Spray the style with hairspray to keep frizz or unruly pieces under control.
charli101 year ago
Wish you could teach me I love it
Awesome!!! Thanks for posting, I'm going to braid my girls like this today.
tonygperez2 years ago
My daughters are going to love it!
Thank you for sharing
PoniesSwag3 years ago
Wow...Really pretty! I love it!
balintnati3 years ago
it looks reaally cute:)) thanks for this great tutorial:)
This is sooo cute. I have seen this hairstyle before and always wondered how it was done. Thanks for putting this up :)