How to Tie a Goat





Introduction: How to Tie a Goat

Scoop method by Lynn Smity.  Demonstrated by Nicole Sederstrom, 3rd Place National Little Britches Finalist.



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    That was hilarious! Thank you!! Now I know where the term, "goat rope," came from (your bloopers).

    And yes, the city folks watching this aren't going to understand why you tie a goat no matter how short you make the words to explain it to them. 

    Great job.  I could have used a little better resolution in the video to see the rope - which end you grabbed first and the completion of the knot.

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    Because there is no reason for it, especially in this context. It's a sport that abuses animals.

    There absolutely is a reason for it. If you're dealing with domesticated animals you have to be skilled at handling them. Being able to immobilize them quickly without hurting them is critical. Say you've got a goat with a dog bite on its neck. If you just grab it or use a leash it will thrash around and get hurt worse. What you should do is tie it up safely and take care of it. This video does a good job of showing how to do it.

    What's really abusive is to own livestock and _not_ know how to do this.

    It is an event in rodeo! And it does not hurt the goat.. They are tough

    finally those pesky goats are mine!