For entertainment purposes only. Amuse family and friends by sentencing stuffed animals to death - but ONLY stuffed animals. I'm not responsible for any deaths resulting from stupidity or depression.

Step 1: What you need

All you need is some string and scissors. And a stuffed animal to execute.

<p>the 13 loops represent the 13 colonies sorry if misspelled , and for some dumb reason I do believe tying the not is a federal crime for some time now, If people had a puplic stoning live via youtube for the gruesome crimes these days I know crime would drop over night as showing is believing ,there is a price for everything ! nite folks !</p>
a true hangman's noose is looped around 13 times
or so the story goes . . .a lot of times they'd only wrap it 4-5 times to make the death from strangulation more excruciating since you'd remain conscious as the noose tightened easily rather than using 13 loops which makes it very hard to tighten and causes the neck to break first(depending on whether the noose was placed on the shoulder or behind the head)
breaking the neck was the goal of a hangman. death by strangulation from a noose can take many minutes and is truly a gruesome sight to behold. the hangman would (and still does in some states/countries) carefully measure the weight of the prisoner and do a little math to calculate the correct amount of rope to break the neck of the prisoner. too little rope and the prisoner would writhe while strangulation slowly took him to eternal dreamland. too much rope and the prisoner's neck could be cut by the rope and spurt blood or even decapitate the prisoner altogether. more than one person's head has been yanked from his body by a hangman who used too much rope. either way, the goal is a quick death and breaking the neck is done intentionally for this purpose. those ignorant folks in posses who used ropes to dispense with vigilante 'justice' may have very well enjoyed seeing their victims in extreme agony for many minutes at a time before they finally died, but no sanctioned executioner would ever do this on purpose.
Speaking of decapitation by noose, there was an occurrence in the 1800's where a criminal was arrested and sentenced to be hanged, but in apprehending the criminal he was shot in the arm and it had to be amputated. The jail he was taken to didn't have a gallows, so one had to be built. The man was weighed at the time of his arrest for purposes of the hanging, but in the time the gallows was built he gained a lot of weight. So with the added weight and the offset balance of a missing arm, when the man dropped he was instantly decapitated because the rope was too long. This was especially bad for the men and women standing too close to the gallows for they were close enough to be sprayed with blood. I saw this on an episode of Wild West Tech on (I believe) the History Channel. I just thought it fit here...
Was curious today on how to tie this knot and came across this post. Started reading the comments amd came across this one. The man's name was Thomas (aka Black Jack) Ketchum and my great, great geandfather was one of the men that helped apprehend him. In the book &quot;The West That's Gone&quot; which is an autobiography of his life, he states that he tried to tell the guys there that their rope was too long, but they didn't listen. <br><br>I have heard this story my whole life and am amazed to find another person who knows of it.
I saw that episode as well. Good reference, karl! Wasn't David Carradine the host of that?
He was for the second and third season. Apparently Keith Carradine was the host the first season.
ya thats what i was gonna say because wrapping it 13 times is &quot;bad luck&quot; for whomever is being hanged.
bad luck there gonna die from it
Very true - it was done that way to make it extra - foreboding looking, just to add to the horror of being hung. You can wind it round as many times as you want, but it still works just as well with slightly less loops :D .
Wow four ppl beat me too it well i hope you guys were just kidding
This could work for dolls too or Dora the explorer >:)
what if the paerson weighs around 230lbs how much rope do you need <br />
tie a noose to piss off people
ok ok ok so much talk about history and the number of turns. Did anyone think with how skinny that pig is he needs the money and is jsut a victom of our economy!<br /> Just kidding hang um all!!!
In days of Olde when knights were bold..... and hanging was common, the 13 loop hangman's knot was reserved for royalty and hence it was (and I guess still is) illegal for a "commoner" to use it. Pdub420 has it right about the weighing and length of rope though.
just wanted to add that a true hangman's knot containing 13 knots is also illegal keep your knots under or over 13 to loophole this
Hanging "the accused"?? (Judge must have been a Bush appointee)
that's racist and you should not post that for any reasion
they used this noose to hang nobles during the french revolution you dumb a**
they also used those ropes to hang murders, bank robbers, rapists, and traitors. not everyone who was ever hung was of a minority.
thats so funny, and yet, so wrong in so many ways.
my mom got all pissed of when i did this before i read this but it has symbolism i told her so i got off the counseling hook
it's hard to tell what you're doing with the white string when it's up against a white background.. maybe just use ms paint document like this person: <br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.realknots.com/p/k/nhhang.gif">http://www.realknots.com/p/k/nhhang.gif</a><br/>
aarrrggghhh! u killed the piggy bender!
Hahaha, awesome!<br/><br/>Hehe:<br/><ul class="curly"><li>Piggy regrets robbing that bank now.</li><li>Any last words?</li><li>Bandits ye be warned.</li></ul>+1 rating.<br/>
Neat! I made some light-bulb pulls using some twine and old barbie dolls.

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