Picture of How to Tie a Shoe
Why Learn About Tying a Shoe?
As a new contributor to Instructables, I decided to write a simple project to familiarize myself with the tools and writing style.  Thus began the creation of this tutorial on how to knot ones shoelaces.  This project will focus on how to tie running shoes as opposed to boots or other more exotic shoes.  I hope to receive feedback on this tutorial that will allow me to better communicate my future projects.

Materials Needed
Your hands
A running shoe

Step 1: Unknot Shoelaces

Picture of Unknot Shoelaces
2012-07-11 09.47.45.jpg
Make sure that the two ends of the shoelace are completely untangled and free of knots past the tongue.  It is often helpful to lay each end of the shoelace on its respective side of the shoe.
Lmfao!!! XD
Emara3 years ago
You don't say? :D
but I only where KangaROOS.
Great 1st instructable and welcome to the site
WingedBeaux3 years ago
Now I don't have running shoes. Will hiking or standard shoes do?
FIRSTIntern (author)  WingedBeaux3 years ago
This technique would work on hiking shoes and "standard" shoes. Because some footwear, such as hiking boots, require extra steps to tie them, I made sure to specify that this tutorial was for running shoes.
ceanes3 years ago
Keep doing, well done.