Step 4: Create Double Knot

In order to ensure that your shoelace does not come undone, making a second overhand knot with the loops created in the previous step is recommended.  This is done by crossing one loop over the other and wrapping it once around the other loop.  As seen in the picture, each loop is treated as a single inseparable string for this step.  Pulling on the loops to tighten the shoelace completes the process.
Lmfao!!! XD
You don't say? :D
but I only where KangaROOS.
Great 1st instructable and welcome to the site
Now I don't have running shoes. Will hiking or standard shoes do?
This technique would work on hiking shoes and "standard" shoes. Because some footwear, such as hiking boots, require extra steps to tie them, I made sure to specify that this tutorial was for running shoes.
Keep doing, well done.

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