Picture of How to Tie-a-Tie

xwhyandz8 years ago
Now do a full Windsor.
Von Klaus8 years ago
mrmath8 years ago
Can we take a vote here? All those in favor of a new site rule against video only instructables say "Aye". All those opposed to a new rule against video only instructables say "Nay". I think the Aye's have it. I belive videos do have a place on this site. I don't, however, believe that the entire instructable should be "hey, watch my video".
lemonie mrmath8 years ago
This one doesn't show the how-to very well, and given that the thing finishes by advertising e.g. "The ideal woman" "How to shower - men & women" and "golf", it should be flagged and removed.
There are a few videos that I've seen on Instructables TV that are worthy of Instructables on their own....oh wait, they have instructions too. Having a video in the first step is good for clarification of steps that don't translate easily to text and pictures, but as a general rule, the video-only Instructables tend to not be as high-quality.

I've seen other video-instructables that include PDFs and additional textual and photo explanations. Those from Make Magazine are a good example as to how they should be done. This on the other hand, as I hinted previously, is just lazy.
dataphool8 years ago
I must agree with mrmath: AYE. I seldom watch videos, they seldom show as much as well documented, step-by-step instructions. They can be useful to clarify a lazyman's instructable. I never watch just a video. This is at least partially due to stroke-induced dyslexia.
LasVegas8 years ago
There are many ways to tie a tie. The one you demonstrated is called a "Windsor" knot. I tend to prefer a "Half-Windsor." It would have been nice to include a step-by-step also, but I realize this is so much easier.