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Many people including myself have had trouble following the Stormdrane youtube video on tying the lanyard knot so i have done some research and found the solution!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
All you need is a reasonable length of para cord or whatever you wish to use.
SailorBoy made it!2 months ago
I've had trouble in the past with paracord coming undone when working at hights. this knot seems to hold a lot better.
I had a bit of trouble with the doubling but I got it in the end.
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Bender Rodriguez made it!4 months ago
Another instructable for this dog leash suggested your lanyard knot. Works great, though I ended up tightening it one string at a time for an extra tight knot. I also added some superglue so the two spare strands (the ones that are just going through the center) don't slip through and actually add support. Fantastic instructable.
Jagstah1 year ago

The second picture in step 5 is not clear enough, possibly because the picture is too small.

done in 1. Excellent instructions, thanks very much.
TheGeek19842 years ago
The first couple of times I tied this knot, I came back to go over your steps. And I could not for the life of me figure out how to make this knot slide in order to tighten a lanyard or drawstring. Until I realized that this knot is the same one that I saw to put some cord on my water bottle and it hit me, I can just put my loop through the center of the knot! And now I can tie it without instruction. It is fast becoming my favorite knot. Thank you!
ahimes2 years ago
THANK YOU!! this is by far superior to what I have found online! Great Job!!!
HempKnight2 years ago
Good going man, clear instructions, easy to follow, my lanyard (diamond) knot turned out absolutely perfect. many thanks bro!
craftyv2 years ago
I want to use this under a monkey's fist so I hope I can use the two strands leaving the fist as the bight. Here goes..
Very helpfull
coolo523 years ago
coolo523 years ago
i made this but i cant tighten it to look like that. any tips?
jolora3 years ago
How does this work for tying a lanyard knot in the middle of a very long rope, say 100 feet, with other lanyard knots tied in it? I cannot see feeding that much rope through the loops as this demonstration shows.
jolora - one of the "tricks" to learn is to push a "bight" of cord through and then pull the long part through - fast and easy, with no extra twists to the cord.

wind the excess cord around a spool so you only have to pull a short bit through
each time....
dp mac3 years ago
i like, very good my apprentice
BAM! Nailed it first try. Thanks a bunch! Great instructable!
Esque4 years ago
Absolutely the simplest, easiest tutorial for this knot I've found, and I've tried a few!!! Many thanks for posting this!!!
- D4 years ago
This is the best tutorial I've ever found. It even beats the videos easily. I couldn't get it with the others, it got with this one on the first try. Thanks for posting it.
furir4 years ago
This was the easiest way to tie this knot I've seen so far. Thanks for the tutorial.
Loenja4 years ago
this is the best tutorial i have found on the web, the others are too confusing, great work
adamtyoung4 years ago
Hmmm. Having trouble tightening it to look like this. Any tips?
bridgmicks4 years ago
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
ekcan4 years ago
These are the best instructions for the lanyard knot. Thank you so much!
Civbert4 years ago
Excellent. I've worked several approaches to this knot, and this one was the best.
Rebel Fan4 years ago
Easiest instructions on it so far. Thanks!
ive been trying to tie this buy non of the videos seem to deminstrate it without a hand in the way. thanks for the ible, best lanyard knot tutorial
GIJohn5 years ago
Thanks for the ring finger tip, makes it that much easier.
henhan5 years ago
this is the best.tied it the first time!
eddy14777 (author)  henhan5 years ago
I'm glad i could help!
nk975 years ago
Nicely done! I found out how to tie one, but with just one strand (without doubling it). Your 'ible showed me how to do it with two strands. Goog job. 
eddy14777 (author)  nk975 years ago
I'm glad i could help!
maoddo5 years ago
Great piece! I struggled with this knot for hours trying to follow  various instructions and videos. I was able to complete the knot the first time using this< Thanks!
eddy14777 (author)  maoddo5 years ago
I'm glad i could help!