How to To Convert a YouTube Video Into an IPhone Ringtone on ITunes 12.5




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Introduction: How to To Convert a YouTube Video Into an IPhone Ringtone on ITunes 12.5

These instructions were written for Mac users. They may differ for PC users

Step 1: Go to Video on YouTube

Step 2: Copy Link and Paste Into Mp3 Converter (e.g.

Step 3: Download Mp3 Into ITunes

Step 4: Open ITunes and Right-click on New Mp3 File

Step 5: In Drop-down Menu, Click “Get Info”

Step 6: Go to “Options” and Edit Start and Stop Times to Fit Ringtone Length

This length is usually 30 to 40 seconds long

Step 7: Highlight Mp3 File in ITunes and Click “File” in Menu Bar on Top Left of Screen

Step 8: In Drop-down Menu, Click “Convert” and Choose “Create AAC Version”

Step 9: Right-click on New Mp3 File and "Show in Finder"

Step 10: Right-click on File in Finder and “Duplicate”

Step 11: Change the File Extension From .m4a to .m4r

When asked if you want to change the extension, choose "Use .m4r"

Step 12: Drag and Drop the New .m4r File Onto Desktop

Step 13: Rename the File Itself

Step 14: Drag and Drop the File Into ITunes

Step 15: Connect IPhone to Computer and Sync

Step 16: When Sync Is Complete, Open Settings on IPhone

Step 17: Go to Sounds and Pick Ringtone



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    Clever idea. I never thought about this. There are a lot of fun video clips that I can think of that would make great ringtones.