Introduction: How to Train Dogs Without Treats

Using food to train dogs is counter productive because they are so tuned into it. Calm assertiveness and exuberant praise is key to success in dog training. Dog Trainer and Behaviorist, Jacob Folger demonstrates both with an older dog, Zack who has never been trained. Discover today.


ChristaJ4 (author)2016-02-08

this basic principal is sweetly simplistic and translates easily into relationships of several species, including human! the discipline required is my own - it's the journey, right? animals are more than friends and companions, they are mirrors and will reflect our strengths and shortcomings - if we look and listen...
of course I can only speak of what I know from my limited perspective and experience- but it's been amazing to know my animals and they "talk" to me day and night, 8 days a week!

jakecreates made it! (author)ChristaJ42016-02-09

Your perspective, Christa, does not seem so limited to me. We just have to listen to our animals. They most definately have somethings important to say. Thank you for your comment.

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