So, My most ambitious costume to date was to create a Wearable smoke breathing dragon.  This costume could easily be converted into a prop for freaking your neighborhood out!

I learned a few things along the way, and have tips for anyone who may wish to create something similar in the future.  This instructable has been modified to include all steps needed to build the entire dragon. 

One Optional Part is the Smoke machine, which runs off a 12 v power supply.  See "Smoke Machine"

Parts needed.
1. Aluminum frame backpack
2. PVC Plumbing Pipe
3. several Nuts and bolts
4. 6-8 large cans of Spray Foam insulation
5. Spray Paint in a color of your choosing.  I used 3-4 different colors of Green  for the main body and a metallic Copper  for the accent pieces
6. 150-200  hot glue sticks.

Tools needed
1. Hot Glue Gun
2. Sharp Steak knife
3. Rotary tool for details.
4. Blow Torch
5. Safety goggles
6. dust mask

Optional parts
1. Replacement harness for backpack (more straps = more stable)
2. portable Smoke machine (Instructable to follow)

Step 1: Planning - Draw It Out

Before you dig into the actual details of what you are building, you must first figure out what it is that you are going to build and how big you are going to go. 

Some considerations
1. Ceiling heights
2. Doorways

After completing the costume, I am glad I didn't end up going any taller then i did, as i had some minor issues getting into doors, but most bars/clubs were high enough ceilings that it wasn't an issue.

Sketch out what it is you wish to build, and plan for the size.

<br> Big project, I'll like to see the rest of it - very good.<br> <br> L<br>
The only thing missing now, is the smoke machine. All steps are in this now<br>
<br> Did you get that in there / will you try?<br> <br> L<br>
Smoke machine will go in a separate instructable, as it can be used in many different applications<br>
Dude.... EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What does a dragon gotta do to get featured?
just tell the moderators that you'll make it breath fire if they don't feature it. its a big project thought. and sometimes big projects don't get featured.
Thanks DTM. Their loss, because in my experience, this &quot;big project&quot; got HUGE returns :-)<br>
yeah. it looks cool too. i mean, that would be a great story like if you had friends come over and you set that thing up by the door!
I actually wore it to the Office, and Out to bars. Just &quot;setting Up&quot; not sufficient<br>
okay. that is epic.
You should bsee it with the nostrils smoking. Totally worth the time.
:O the nostrils smoke? maybe i will make one of these...
The smoke machine instructable is coming soon.... All you really need is an empty peanut butter jar, a broken toaster, a small fan and a 12v battery.<br>

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