Step 7: Accents and Details

So the head is all built now, finally you can do things like add accents, Horns spikes etc

I decided to change the types of horns that the dragon had, and to give myself a little more height clearance.

To do this, I again used 2 pieces of PVC Plumbing pipe that I had,

1. Cut the PVC piping to the approximate length of the horns you are adding.
2. Drill into the skull of the costume approximately 3-4 inches ensuring that the bit is about the same size as the piping.  Using a slightly smaller bit OK, because the foam will  hold it tight

3. Use a hot air gun or blow torch to bend the PVC Pipes to the curves you want.

4. Cover 1/2 of the individual horns with the expanding foam to give it a look you wish.  You could also use the Paper ache, or the Light Weight air dry modeling clay to give it a more sharp look.  Be sure to allow the 3-4 inches on one end to be clear so that you will be able to more easily insert the piping into the head.  : Note, I covered mine AFTER i'd hot glued them into the head, to allow for a more clean join where the head met the horns.

5. Let the Foam/glue/Clay dry, and then do the other side

6. liberally cover the ends of the PVC pipes in hot glue up to 3-4 inches and insert into the holes you've bored into the skull.

The spikes were literally pieces of left over foam that were cut off from the inside of the dragon from previous steps
1. Cut a flat strip along the back of the dragon's head/neck
2. Cut  Your larger  foam cast offs into spike Shapes
3. Hot glue the spikes to the flat space left along the neck/back
4. Spray paint the appropriate color

<br> Big project, I'll like to see the rest of it - very good.<br> <br> L<br>
The only thing missing now, is the smoke machine. All steps are in this now<br>
<br> Did you get that in there / will you try?<br> <br> L<br>
Smoke machine will go in a separate instructable, as it can be used in many different applications<br>
Dude.... EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What does a dragon gotta do to get featured?
just tell the moderators that you'll make it breath fire if they don't feature it. its a big project thought. and sometimes big projects don't get featured.
Thanks DTM. Their loss, because in my experience, this &quot;big project&quot; got HUGE returns :-)<br>
yeah. it looks cool too. i mean, that would be a great story like if you had friends come over and you set that thing up by the door!
I actually wore it to the Office, and Out to bars. Just &quot;setting Up&quot; not sufficient<br>
okay. that is epic.
You should bsee it with the nostrils smoking. Totally worth the time.
:O the nostrils smoke? maybe i will make one of these...
The smoke machine instructable is coming soon.... All you really need is an empty peanut butter jar, a broken toaster, a small fan and a 12v battery.<br>

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