How to Transfer an Image Using Gel Medium





Introduction: How to Transfer an Image Using Gel Medium

How to Transfer an Image using Gel Medium



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The laser copy is not ink, but a plastic that is heat bonded to the paper, so won't transfer, ink jet will work fine

was hoping for a bit of help. ive used the gel method, successfully,many times and decided to try it with laser copy on transparency as the laser or toner based print gives less bleeding and better results.and using transparency instead of paper removes that whole battle of removing endless paper fibres and losing half the image in the process.

However..... just tried it, applied my medium to the substrate, put the image on, rubbed like crazy, even left it overnight and it simply isnt transferring. Retried by applying to both surfaces, still nothing. Yes, im putting the rough side with the ink on it directly onto the substrate as im meant to. Im watching people doing this effortlessly and successfully on you tube, so why cant I? can someone advise me what im doing wrong? would i be better trying inkjet?