How to Transfer IPhone Contacts to PC/Mac and Restore Back to Your Device





Introduction: How to Transfer IPhone Contacts to PC/Mac and Restore Back to Your Device

Did you ever wonder how to transfer or backup iPhone contacts to your PC/Mac and restore them back to your device?
The iPhone is not really like other smart phones. While that is part of the reason why so many individuals are drawn to it, being different is not always a good thing. For example, unlike the Android, the iPhone does not allow its users to back up their contact files on their SIM card. The unfortunate truth is that Apple wants uses to rely on iTunes to back up all of the information on their iPhone. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to back up the contact files on your iPhone to your PC/Mac without having to use iTunes? Fortunately, there is.

iPhone Contact to Computer Transfer (iPhone Contacts Backup) is the name of a program that all iPhone users need to have on their computer. This is because for most iPhone users, their contact list is one of the most important parts of their iPhone. Naturally, this makes it a very important part of the iPhone to back up. Trying to rebuild a contact list from scratch is not an easy task for anyone. For that reason, this program is the key to making sure you are never stuck in a difficult situation again.

Step 1: Download, Install and Launch the Program

Figuring out how to transfer your iPhone Contacts to your PC or Mac computer as well as transferring them back to your iPhone is a process that is broken up into several small steps. Keep in mind, you are going to need to download, install, and execute the program. To get more information and to download the program for both Mac and Windows, you may visit this website 

Then, you need to connect your iPhone (or other Apple device such as iPad or iPod) to your computer. You will know if the program works correctly because it should automatically recognize your iPhone.

Step 2: Backing Up Your IPhone Contacts to PC/Mac

Once you launch the program and connect your iPhone to the PC/Mac. Wait a few seconds for your iPhone address book to appear in the programs interface.

In order to backup your iPhone contacts you are going to start by selecting the option labeled "Contacts" in the left panel. Then, you just need to select the contacts you want to transfer. Finally, you just have to click the button labeled "Back Up All Contacts" that is located at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Transfer Contacts From Your IPhone to PC/Mac

Fortunately, this program was created to make it easy for the user to export contacts to their computer/Mac as well. You are more or less going to be repeating the process of step two. You are going to click the option labeled "Contacts" and select the contacts you want to export by checking the boxes next to them. Once you have made your selections, you will click the button labeled "Export Contacts to Computer." You can export iPhone contacts to your PC/Mac as a .csv and .vCard file format. 

Step 4: Import Contacts to Your IPhone

Lastly, this program was also design to be capable of importing contacts back to your iPhone after they have been stored on your PC/Mac for safekeeping. Fortunately, step three is exactly like step one and two. You are going to start out by selecting the option labeled "Contacts" in the left panel. Then, you will need to select the contacts you want to import. Once you have made all of your selections, you will click a button at the bottom of the interface that is labeled "Important Contacts to Device.”

Step 5: Restoring Contacts Back to Your IPhone

Individuals can use the restoration function of this application to restore iPhone contacts to their iPhone. Under the left panel that they have been using, there should be a second one labeled "Backup Files." All an individual has to do is select the option labeled "Contacts" and select which backup file they want to restore. Finally, you just have to press the button labeled "Restore all Contacts to Device" which is located at the button of the screen. This will initiate the restoration process.

Step 6: Summary

Should you ever suffer the misfortunate of losing your iPhone, iPhone Contact to Computer Transfer is a program that you will be glad you took the time to install. This application gives iPhone users a sense of security in knowing that all of their precious contact files have been safely secured on their PC/Mac in the event that they should lose access to them from their iPhone.

In short, it is a must-have program to transfer or backup contacts from your iPhone to PC/Mac and manage them with ease. 



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    To transfer iPhone contacts to PC/Mac, you can try iPhone Transfer. It can help you a lot. When it comes to restore data back to your device, you can give iPhone Data Recovery tool a try. It provides there ways to recover data and will never let you down.

    Thanks for sharing, but I prefer Apowersoft Phone Manager to transfer and back up my iPhone contacts. It can transfer contacts to PC as well as put them back to the phone. And it is a multi-functional tool which I like most, I can use it manage my contacts and other files too.

    I want to recommend you an useful and convenient way to transfer contacts from iPhone to PC/Mac. Try iPhone Transfer, which is a powerful data managing software that can not only simply sync the contacts from iPhone to PC/Mac, but also save them on your PC/Macbook as the format you like, CSV files, vCard, and so on. Last but not least, you can merge the duplicated contacts with one click.

    Phone Transfer is a pretty nice program to move data between smartphone and computer, including iPhone, Android and Windows phone. It has a great user interface and easy-to-use instructions. Here is a demo for Android (also applies to iPhone):

    I found this very helpful. I was trying to backup/transfer contacts of my old iPhone (iPhone 3GS) to my Windows 10 computer so that I can restore them on my new iPhone 6. But unfortunately, icloud wasn't working with this because it's an old ios device. Additionaly, I used it to create a backup of my iPhone 6 contacts too. Amanda-t, kudos to you!

    Please correct the article. A PC (p.c.) is a personal computer e.g. Apple Macintosh.

    The article title should read: How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Windows/OS X and Restore Back to Your Device.