Introduction: How to Transform Brainstorm (not G1)

My forst intructabible!! just how to transform my faveorite guy. (that i have)

Step 1: Weapons and Head

Just take off the guns and take the pilot out, and then fold his legs up. also fold those small fins down..

Step 2: Prepare Arms

follow the pics

Step 3: Do the Legs (and Feet)

again, follow the pics.

Step 4: Reveal the Hands

still following the pics...

Step 5: Put on the Head.

just place it in the slot and adjust accordingly. (the head of the micro-guy is the neck for the big guy)

Step 6: Weaponize Him

put the guns in his hands.

Step 7: Mission Completion!!!

congrats, u are done. now go play with him. BTW, just reverse the steps to get him into jet mode. or maybe if u guys ask/like me, i will post instructions.


DIY Hacks and How Tos made it! (author)2016-12-17

Nice first Instructable. Transformers were always my favorite toy as a kid.

meepinater made it! (author)meepinater2016-12-18

Thanks!!! i am planning on doing one of these and the robot-to-vehicle thing for my others.

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Bio: i love tardigrades and lego minecraft and lego smaug the awesomesauce dragon. and meep from phineas and ferb. MEEP!!
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