Introduction: How to Tune a Clarinet

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This is a tutorial on how to tune a Bb Clarinet.

Step 1: Items

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Clarinet player

Step 2: Assemble Clarinet

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Assemble your clarinet. If you do not know how to do this here is a quick video. I did not make this video.

Step 3: Set Tuner

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Set your tuner to 440.

Step 4: Tune

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Hold the note C (thumb, pointer finger, middle finger, ring finger).

Step 5: Compensate

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If you are sharp or right of the middle, pull the barrel out a bit.

If you are flat or left of the middle tighten your mouth and blow a little harder also push in all joints.

Step 6: All Done

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When your clarinet is tuned the tuner should be in the middle while you hold your note.

Please comment any questions you have if you want more in depth instructions go to

or just look up clarinet tuning help.


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