How to Tune and Maintain a Bike





Introduction: How to Tune and Maintain a Bike

A quick video on how to tune and maintain a bike in good working order. We used a 15 year-old BMX bike that has been maintained with the same techniques shown in the video and we have never had any problems with it. The stand we used to hold the bike was a PVC pipe Duct Taped to the backs of two foldable chairs (That in itself should be an instructable on cheap bike stands). We used the stand because it allowed the back wheel to spin during chain cleaning and it also held the bike in place for easy adjustment of the brakes.



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Instead of WD-40 I would repack all bearings. If that is not possible I would use a lubricating oil (i.e. motor oil) instead of WD-40 which is a penetrating oil for loosening rusted hardware.

You forgot dry-slide on the cabels. :P

This may be useful. I like to collect some older bikes (Like my good ol' Proflex 455 from 1995 or my Murray Sebring), and sometimes when I buy them from yard sales they're in......Less then good condition. So this may help get them back into a good working order quicker.

5 stars.

if only i could find something worth buying at the sales <-__->
any good bmx or mtb, road bikes i could make money off of.
i need to go to more yardsales :P

Yeah, you really do. I've seen a whole crap load of bikes, such as a:
-Haru BMX bike ($10.00 and it was near mint, no rust at all. I almost bought it, but I figured my dad would kill me if I brought home another bike)
-An old ladie's street bike from England. It was at least from the 60's or 70's. It was rusted out pretty good, but nothing a little steel wool wouldn't take care of.
-Several mountain bikes from high quality designers, such as Murray, Girvin, Novara, etc.
-Several medium quality bikes from Next, Huffy, etc.
-Several no-name bikes from no-name bike designers that nobody really cares about.
- A Schwinn chopper style bike.

And an awesome 26" tricycle made for adults. It was custom made.

why you saying that on your ible?

his name is junkmail, so... you know

GT love <3
thats looks like a 93 mach one...

can you link to the video the embed isnt working

that bmx is pretty old and rubbish
what brakes are they my guess they are cantiliever?