How to Tunisian Crochet


Introduction: How to Tunisian Crochet

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This is a super easy crochet stitch that when finished looks a lot like it was knitted. Use the stitch to make bags, quilts, scarves, or potholders. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

All you need are:

  • any size yarn (I used cotton)
  • a hook to match the size of the yarn (I used 4.00 mm). If you have a Tunisian crochet hook, that's even better.
  • scissors
  • a sewing needle

Step 2: Foundation Chain

To begin, crochet a chain as long as you want your finished product to be. Since I am going to make a dishcloth, I chained 23. Here's a great tutorial on how to make a foundation chain.

Step 3: Beginning the Stitch

Insert your hook into the second chain from hook, wrap your yarn around the hook, and pull the loop through the chain. Now you have one loop on your hook. Continue to pull up the loops on each chain across. Now you should have a very full hook!

Step 4: Finishing the Row

Now you're going to work back down the row to the right side of your project.

Wrap your yarn around your hook and pull through two loops on hook. Repeat all the way back the beginning of the row.

Step 5: Repeat Rows

Your first row is complete! Now you're going to do the same thing to make a second row. Except this time, you don't insert your hook into a chain, but into the loop of the previous row (shown in the first picture).

Pull the yarn through the loop and onto your hook, and continue pulling the loops onto your hook to the end of the row. Wrap the yarn around your hook and pull through two loops on hook. Continue until you get back to the other side of the row.

Step 6: Finished!

Keep crocheting until your project is as long as desired. Then cut your yarn and thread it through your project so it doesn't unravel. Your project is probably all rolled up now (like mine), so don't worry that you did the stitches too tight. I ironed my finished product to make it stay more flat.

I hope you liked my instructable! Enjoy your newly found stitch.



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Awesome! I'm working on something (not sure exactly what) with it right now. Great pictures, and easy instructions. Thumbs up!

Thank you . I can't wait to try this!

What is the difference between ordinary crochet and Tunisian other then a longer needle?

1 reply

It's just a different technique, that turns out a different tecture.

what is the difference between the hooks?

1 reply

A tunisian hook (or afghan hook) is much longer than a regular one, so it's easier to crochet with a ton of loops on the hook.

Great ible, this looks not too hard, I might have to try it

Great tutorial; I'll have to save this for later :)

Clear instructions and pictures. Nice 'ible.