All good wizards need a trusty magic wand by their side.  But those online stores and places only have replicas, without letting you test the combination that is most in-tune with your wizarding mind.  So being a good and handy wizard, I decided to make myself a magic wand.  All I needed was a lathe, lathe tools, and the proper wood.  I hope you like it and make your own! Comment pictures if you do.

Step 1: Setting Up and Turning Your Stock Round

Start by putting your square or round stock in the chuck.  The chuck is essential because you need to part the end off.  I used an ash block, 1.5" x 1.5" x 24" (roughly).  

I started by turning a small section round because that is how big my tool rest is.  Once the part was mostly round, I turned a small section down to it's final round depth.  You will turn this down smaller later, but this is just for a reference.  Use a roughing tool to turn your stock down to this depth, then start shaping with other tools.  To turn it down, simply take off a little at a time, taking off from left-to-right or right-to-left.  You can round as much of the stock that you want.
This is great, I have added your project to my wood-turning guide. <br />

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