How to Turn a T-Shirt Into a One Shoulder Tank Top





Introduction: How to Turn a T-Shirt Into a One Shoulder Tank Top

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Great for Summer and showing off your tan! Enjoy the relaxed t-shirt fit but with a sexy summer flair!



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    ummmm errrrrr ahhhhh yeah...i just watch these to see the gorgeous girl model her creations lol

    Thanks for the instructable! I will be trying this before summer is over! :) :)


    i actually think the t-shirt in its original form looks better on you...=X

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    i agree too. love the whole new wings trend. i'm like, no! no! don't cut the awesome tee shirt! the one shoulder is cute too, but i like the original.

    and watching her kill t shirts is pretty sweet.

    she has a very good reason to kill them. lol

    jeez, you kill a t shirt in every video you have! what do you have against t shirts?

    hey where cud u get that circle thing that ties it together

    You Rock...Girl! Thanks for some great ideas.

    sometime when you cut across it can b to loose in the chest and fall open, wat do u suggest to help that?

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    I thing maybe you need one of those really tight shirts. or you can stitch it together, make a ittle ruffle-like thing.

    Simple and straight forward. Great instructable.

    Another great t shirt makeover in minutes. Great idea.