My 6 year old daughter LOVES skirts. She has worn them about 98% of the time since she was 2 and informed me that "princesses do NOT wear jeans", accompanied by that face that means, "what kind of moron parent are you?". Princesses are experts at this face, even 2 year old princesses.

This shirt came to me through freecycle - if you don't know about freecycle, check it out at www.freecycle.org . The shirt's not my size or style, and was two seconds from the outgoing freecycle pile. But the princess loved the glitter & bling and claimed the shirt. However, she's a girl's size 6, not a women's 18/20, so the shirt needed some adjustment.

This idea would work for an adult sized skirt also, just get a shirt that fits over your hips. Or make panels from a couple of different shirts....

Step 1: Gather Supplies & Equipment

Adult sized t-shirt

Pins - normally, I'd use straight pins, but I used safety pins here because I was pinning onto a 6 year old - a species not known its ability to stand still

Marking tool - not shown - I snagged a washable marker from a school backpack, use whatever you have, no special fabric marker required

Straight edge for marking, optional - I used the side of a note pad, you could actually use a ruler if you were inclined to get up and get one from the other room - or you could just mark freehand

Cutting tool - I used a rotary cutter & cutting mat with ruler. You could use scissors. I don't think a box cutter would work well....

Sewing machine & thread OR hand sewing needle & thread

Cost: ummm, zero... got the shirt for free, and already have the sewing machine & supplies

Time: about 20 minutes, most of which was spent pulling out & setting up sewing machine & tools
your daughter seems cute ;)
I wonder if this woould work for a grown-up's skirt?
oh i like it! 5 stars to you
I will try to make this skirt soon. Looks pretty simple, even for a non-sewing person. :)
i love shirts and skirts and shirt-skirts i not like dirt hurt and dirt on my shirt skirt
Good job.
Very nice! Great idea and good instructions.<br/>And I am just LOVING the little princess model too!<br/><ul class="curly"><li>* * * *</li></ul>

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