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I knew it was too good to be true when I bought this T-shirt at the Dollar Store.  It shrunk to become too short the first time I washed it.  Oh, but I loved the color, I look really good in this color.  So I put it way until the right project came for me to use it.   Then, I saw this Pintrest, a shrug made from a T-shirt, found here:  I dug the t-shirt out of the fabric box and this is how I turned a T-shirt into a shrug.  Let’s get started.
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Step 1:

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T-shirt ($1-$7, not shown)
Thread (matching color $3)
Sewing machine
3/8” wide ribbon (contrasting or complimentary color, $2 a spool))
Straight pins
Safety pin

Step 2:

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Lay your t-shirt out on a flat surface.

Step 3:

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With your scissors, cut from the bottom hem up the middle of the shirt and around the collar.  Throw the collar away.

Step 4:

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 Turn the shirt inside out.  With the straight pins, pin the cut edge toward the outside of the shirt, making a ½ inch (or more) casing, for the ribbon to be threaded through.

Step 5:

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Using a zigzag stitch, sew down the cut edge of the t-shirt,  going up the front, around the collar, and back down the other side of the front, thus making the casing solid.

Step 6:

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Safety pin the end of the ribbon.  Using the safety pin, thread the ribbon, up the front, around the collar, and back down the other side of the front of the soon to be shrug. 
triciab12122 years ago
That is such a cute idea! What a great way to reuse and make a really cute shrug!