You've just taken a great video on your smartphone's Vine app, and now you want to turn it into a gif so it can loop on your Instructables post. Follow these easy steps!

On Your Phone
  • In the Vine app, tap the 'three dots' icon under the video
  • Tap the "share" button
  • Tap the "copy link" button
  • Send an email to yourself with the link
On Your Computer 
  • Copy the link from the email
  • Go to this site and paste the link
  • Click "make gif"
  • Click and drag the gif from the site to your desktop¬†
  • Upload the gif file as you would any photo to Instructables
<p>Link doesn't work anymore but this site works, and it doesn't add any annoying banners https://convertio.co/url-converter/</p>
<p>While convertio.co works, it's quality is poor. It produces images with static in them. An alternative is giphy.com's vine import service: <a href="https://giphy.com/giphylovesvine" rel="nofollow">https://giphy.com/giphylovesvine</a></p><p>The limitations are: vines need to be imported into a giphy account. Each giphy account is allowed to import vines from one vine account. The giphy account user should be the owner of the vine account from which the vines are imported.</p><p>However, the quality of the new GIFs is very good. Much better than convertio.co.</p>
That's even better than a video because it loops just like a Vine! Great thinking ;)
Nice and thank you :)

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