Introduction: How to Turn an Old Necklace Into a Chic Halter Top

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Do you have an old cami or halter top that you don't wear anymore?

Do you have a piece of costume jewelry that just sits at the bottom of your necklace pile?
Why not kill two birds with one stone and make a chic new halter top?

Old Halter top or Camisole
Chunky necklace that falls just above your bustline
Sewing machine

Step 1: One

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Step 1: Take an old necklace you don’t wear anymore and an old cami/halter top or one you bought at the salvation army.

Step 2: Two

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Step 2: Cut off the straps.

Step 3: Three

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Step 3: If you have a a halter top and not a cami skip to step 7. If you have a cami, cut the back so that it dips down to your mid-back.

Step 4: Four

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Step 4: Turn in band pin 1”

Step 5: Five

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Step 5: If it is loose in the back, thread a 7”-12” elastic though.

Step 6: Six

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Step 6: Once the elastic is threaded through the casing sew both ends to the cami. If you did not use elastic just sew across the raw edges, be sure to set your machine to the loosest tension and longest stitch. Keep those settings for the next step.

Step 7: Seven

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Step 7: Sew across the top, front of your cami in between where the straps had been. DO NOT BACKSTITCH.

Step 8: Eight

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Step 8: Gather in between stitches.

Step 9: Nine

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Step 9: Baste necklace with needle and thread to gathered edges.

Step 10: Ten

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Step 10: Return your sewing machine’s settings to normal. Sew the necklace to the cami. To do this take off the foot and do not use the pedal foot. Instead sew by hand, turning the wheel to the right side.


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