How to Turn Old Floppy Disks Into Bracelets, Necklaces, or Belts





Introduction: How to Turn Old Floppy Disks Into Bracelets, Necklaces, or Belts

These are VERY easy to make.

You make these from the metal disk you find in floppy disks.

Either pop them out or cut them out.

Then thread them together with some ribbon (ribbon keeps them from moving too much).

They stay together rather well, though if you have a problem with them moving, you can add some glue to make them stay put.

Have fun!



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    arent those bits of metal sharp?

    Very cool, great idea.



    An easy idea for our old floppy disks!

    I've got a whole mess of old floppies that I got with a computer once, never had much use for them, but couldn't throw them away. Now I've got something to use them for.

    I Love This Instructable... I found some old floppies I had laying around, popped them open and I'm planning to wear my new necklace tomorrow. I'll probably make some more as soon I as find a computer that will read the other disks I have. I think I might also now have left over material for bookmarks and mini-picture frames. :-) Yay!

    Want pics of process, rather than just before & after...

    Working on it, thats why its just a slideshow at the moment.

    Ha! My mom was just gonna throw out like 20 old floppies. Great idea