I am an artist and a graphic designer! This project was something I decided to do in order to practice my photoshop skills and have a fun photo for halloween. I used Adobe Photoshop CS4 to alter my costume, appearance, and environment in this photo. First, I shot photos in my room with a nikon digital slr camera. This instructable goes through step by step how I created this appearance and hopefully it will help you in your photo manipulating adventures!

Step 1: Cutting Out the Background

Using the quick selection tool in photoshop, draw around the image. This tool should immediately select most of the background that needs to be cut out. Switch from the positive and negative within the tool menu in order to take some of the selection out or add some in. Simply hit the delete button and then command + D to deselect the selection and continue.
<p>Wow! This is a great tutorial :) Thanks for all the wonderful tips, made my project so much easier! You have great talent, can't wait to see your next project on here.</p>

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