Introduction: How to Un-seize a Piston: British Seagull Outboard Engine + Change Impeller, Gearbox Oil Seal & Carburetter

How to un-seize a rusty piston using heat and dismantling fluid.
 Fully seized 2 stroke Seagull Outboard Engine Restored and Running. Gearbox removal and seal replacement, Water pump / impeller change and carburetor repaired. The principles are the same for most seized piston engines, be it a lawnmower, motorcycle, car or outboard motor as shown here.
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KD8MSS (author)2017-07-31

My father showed me a truck to free stick cylinders with less brute force that can break the piston rings.

Break all the porcelain out of a spark plug. Tap and thread the remaining metal bit and put a grease zerk fitting in it. Install in the engine and he used a brand new lever style grease gun. Start pumping grease to it. At 3000 psi and being grease it will pop right loose.

AndrewKFletcher (author)KD8MSS2017-08-01

Brilliant idea :)

This is helpful, thanks for sharing!

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