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Introduction: How to Unblock Everything in Google Chrome

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If you do not have Google Chrome, get it here. It is my favorite browser because it is clean, customizable, and user friendly. I tried to make this as accurate as possible. Ask any questions that you have in the comments or you can message me.

Step 1: Open a New Tab and Open the Webstore

Open a new tab and press the apps button on the left of the bookmarks bar. Then click the Web Store link.

Step 2: Search

Now search for Zenmate in the extensions. Once you have found it, click Add to Chrome.

Step 3: Enable Zenmate

Now that Zenmate is on your computer, you must enable it by typing in your email. Now it will work (there are NO junk emails sent). Whenever you want to turn the unblocking off, just click the green shield and click the on switch.

Step 4: Unblocked and Encrypted Browsing

Now you can go to any site, whether you are at school or work. The only problem with Zenmate for me is that although it works at school, it does not work at home. Use Zenmate responsibly, please.



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    it doesn't work because no one can download it to chrome because downloading it is blocked like you cant download it

    it won't let me get Zenmate

    it does not unlock everthing like youtbe or anything help please

    i cant get it

    every thing at school is blocked at web store what do i do