Without a doubt, clogged extruders is one of the BIGGEST hurdles keeping 3D printing from the masses. I wrote this Instructable as a series of steps that failed to resolve my clogged extruder problem over the course of two years!

I publish this in the hope that this Instructable is helpful to those of you running into similar extrusion issues with your Printrbot Play. Good luck and happy 3D printing.

Step 1: Jammed Up, Gummed Up, Blocked Up

Is your Printrbot Play (1505) 3D printer not printing? Are you hearing a knocking, thumping, clicking sound with the printrbot struggling to pull in more PLA filament?

Chances are your extruder is clogged. This happens when your extruder's Heat Block gets too hot and causes the PLA filament further up the extruder to melt inside the Heat Sink (the part that is supposed to stay cool).

If the heat sink is allowed to cool it will solidify into a clog and block new filament from being able to be pushed through by the Printrbot.

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