Picture of How to Uncrease Your Sneakers!!
Want to get rid of those ugly crease lines in your sneakers? Follow these steps to get rid of them! This method is primarily for leather material shoes. I used an iron with a steam feature on my Jordan Retro 5's "Fire Red".

Step 1: Gather Your Materials !

Picture of Gather Your Materials !
You will need 1:Creased sneakers (leather material) 2. A bottle of water 3. A iron that can produce steam 4. Cardboard inserts 5.paper 6.2x Wash clothes
dchall81 year ago
I never knew you could iron the wrinkles out of leather. Thank you for this.
bjagne jr. (author)  dchall81 year ago
no problem!
JoseP191 month ago
Can it work in the spikles?
JohnJ271 month ago

will this work on Adidas Stan Smiths?

shadow2047 made it!4 months ago
thanks so much!! worked in my grape 5s??
NehemiahC16 months ago

that realy help

NehemiahC16 months ago

that realy help

TH410 months ago

i tried this method for a leather holster i use. same principle really except in a square shape just for some old wrinkles i want out before the dying process but now i can throw it away and buy a new one.

the problem with this guide is that it's made to sound like anybody can do it and that absolutely nothing can go wrong and that's where i made the mistake, i put faith in an online article and now i pay the price.

in the future please consider warning about the downsides and don't do's. if done wrong you can seriously ruin any leather product. i can't tell what the cause is but i made it x10 times worse while following the guide. what started as a few small stripes turned into wrinkles that would put a bearded lizard to shame.

linlind251 year ago
OrienteeringPro and tbibb, there is probably no difference in the before and after pictures because they were already done once and then again to show in the instructable.. dont always thini someone is going to take all their time to do an instructable just to yank ur chain..gezzz..... nice instructable ;)
johng6521 year ago
Ok how did you think of doing this? Have you tried it on leather dress shoes? Simply brilliant!

No, this would ruin real leather. Sneakers aren't made of real leather. There's no difference in the before and after pictures of these sneakers either...

I noticed the same thing about the photos.
phudson41 year ago
Im a sneakerhead thanks I wish I'd thought of it.
thank you so much for this, its gunna help my jordan 8s alot
czhao11 year ago
Will this work on my Laney 5s with the wrinkley type leather? And can I iron side of shoe or just toe?