Introduction: How to Unfollow Instagram Users Who Did't Follow You Back in Bulk Mode

Instagram is the most popular social network nowadays. It has more than 600 millions accounts. Videos, Photos, Stories, Boomerangs and other funny ways to see the creatures from friends make this platform very enjoyable for users. Instagram is one of the favorite platform for marketers as well, as it has very high engagement rate for the posted content. But what to do when you follow so many people and they did't follow back. To save the time, you need to unfollow them you will need time and efforts. Good news, there is an app to do this in one click – Combin .

Step 1: Download and Install Combin.

Download the installation file on the official website: The tool is available for Mac, PC and Linux.

Step 2: Login With Your Instagram Credentials

Connect your Instagram account with Combin, it doesn't save your password or login, so it's 100% safe to do it.

Step 3: Users Research

Go to Users section and wait till your followers and followings will appear in the Combin interface. Select "Who not follows me", so you will have the people who didn't follow you back.

Step 4: Users Selection for Unfollowing Action

Select some accounts you would like to unfollow and click on "Unfollow those users".

Step 5: Track Your Progress

See the process of tasks perfroming in the History section.


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