Have you ever forgotten any saved password? Do you want to be rid of encrypted characters when logging in? Follow these simple steps to temporarily reveal your hidden passwords.

*Refreshing or closing out of the browser will remove the unhidden password. If you would like the password revealed, you will have to repeat the steps.*

Step 1: Open Mozilla Firefox

Open the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step 2: In Order to Reveal the Hidden Password, You Need to Be on a Site That Requires a Login, Such As Facebook.

Step 3: Right-click (ctrl-click) on Password

A dropdown menu will appear.

Step 4: Select "Inspect Element" From the Dropdown Menu

The Browser Developer Tool Console (BDTC) will appear on the bottom with a section highlighted.

Step 5: Find Input Id="pass" Class="inputtext" Type="password" and Double-click "password" to Highlight

Step 6: Delete and Replace With "text"; (it Will Now Read As Type="text"); Hit "Enter"

The password field should reveal a readable password.

<p>Or, you could just go</p><p>Options -&gt; Security -&gt; Saved Logins... -&gt; Show Passwords</p><p>And that will show all saved passwords</p>

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