Introduction: How to Unlock Your Car in 30 Seconds

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Step 1: To Unlock Your Car in 30 Seconds You Need!

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Have you locked yourself out of your car?? No problem, You need just a shoe lace and handy fingers! Pull your shoelace out of your shoe.

Step 2: In the Middle of the Lace, Make a Small Noose Knot That Can Get Tighter As You Pull on Both Ends.

Picture of In the Middle of the Lace, Make a Small Noose Knot That Can Get Tighter As You Pull on Both Ends.

Hold your shoelace gently from both ends, and fit it over the closed door in the crack between the door and the car's frame.

Step 3: Pull the Shoelace Down and Try to Get the Loop Around the Car's Lock.

Picture of Pull the Shoelace Down and Try to Get the Loop Around the Car's Lock.

One the loop is around the lock, pull on both ends to tighten the noose.

Step 4: Once the Loop Is Secure, Pull the Shoelace Up From Both Ends.

Picture of Once the Loop Is Secure, Pull the Shoelace Up From Both Ends.

The lock will be pull the lock up, allowing you access to your car.


RonGarza (author)2017-05-24

How about a (magnetic) reed switch (in parallel with the electric door switch) inside the windshield (windscreen) and a magnet hidden anywhere on the outside of the vehicle (to activate the reed switch)?

I don't get the way the knot is being made but, it doesn't matter, my car doesn't have a post-style door lock. It is a clever solution for those who do though.

goldenshuttle (author)2016-07-16

You may hide a spare key in a hidden place in the fender behind the tyre. Fix it with a magnet wallet. Tell no one. except when you need it.

ClintW7 (author)goldenshuttle2016-07-22

Here's my thoughts if anyone really cares. First time you use one of those magnetic key boxes your gonna loose it cause the magnets on them suck they wouldn't hold a fart in a cup with the cup upside down and it sitting on top. I believe tyre is supposed to be tire. And locks are only good for keeping the honest ppl honest because if a thief wants something from your car etc. he or she is going to bust out a window and grab anything of their liking.

rafmann (author)ClintW72016-11-30

Well since you're being pedantic, "tyre" is actually the proper English spelling of the word, as opposed to the bastardised US version to which you're confined. Try broadening your horizons beyond your borders.

Also while we're here, I believe "your" should be "you're", "loose" should be "lose", "cause" should be " 'cause" or "because" and you shouldn't start a sentence with "And". It's probably a good idea to make sure you're perfect yourself before you start criticising others.

Old Clockguy (author)rafmann2017-01-20

Oh rafmann, you missed so many more mistakes in that kid's too short

practice of writing in English that I hesitate to go further with this rebuttal.
First 3 words, "Here's", a contraction for "here is", denoting something singular, "my" is simply written correctly but how can you screw up a 2 letter word, moving on to word #3, "thoughts", a plural noun which is the object of the singular contraction heretofore mentioned in a transitive verb type sentence with the hidden verb being "is". 2nd sentence, you're correct on the contraction for "you are", "gonna" is not a word in the English language, "going to" is the proper form of the verb, and you caught the loose/lose and the cause/because vernaculars also, and I cannot even admit to the use of a verb to "draw liquid up through a straw" to describe the strength or quality of the magnets used on these key boxes. Finally, the analogy that "they wouldn't hold a fart in a cup with the cup upside down and it sitting on top" is probably correct if it is used in conjunction with an English comprehension level of a chimpanzee or "I ain't nevah had no reel book larnin' when I were growin' up" but, in all sincerity, I don't believe that our friend Mr. ClintW7 would fit either category for lack of qualifications for both. ....... You can see many more grammatical errors coming up but it's starting to bore me trying to find something of value in his writings so I will let the reader do the looking. To adhere to the "Nice Comment" policy, I will say that I have written this in a positive manner in an attempt to educate one of our young, possibly "future leaders" to a better form of diction. Finally, the word "bust" immediately conjured up a vivid image of ....... Dolly Parton in my mind. I don't understand the connection though .....

ClintW22 (author)Old Clockguy2017-01-23

Okay first I never thought I was perfect. Yes in my country tyre is spelled tire. Just to let you know there is only one perfect being and that is "Jesus Christ!"
I didn't realize that I was back in English class, I was just stating my opinion like everyone else.

SurferGeek (author)ClintW72016-11-27

Actually I've used those magnetic boxes for years and NEVER had one fall off, even from my work truck. They work fine and if you put it on top of a flat metal surface it won't fall off.

Also, the spelling of tyre is probably correct for his/her native country.

goldenshuttle (author)ClintW72016-07-26

Ur are right in general..funny reply thu..thx

MDQBoX (author)2016-07-14

Misleading: Still waiting for the part where you insert the nylon cord into the lock. . . .and waiting. . . . .and waiting. . . .

Old Clockguy (author)MDQBoX2017-01-20

Hey, by now y'all should have seen that this is a trick photo. Look closely, there is another person inside the vehicle with a white string just waiting until the guy out here starts to pull, then that other person will pull the same way on the inside on the electric button until ..... Presto, lock opens. Did I miss anything??

M40 (author)2016-07-14

Here's how to do it in 10 seconds;

1 - Get out your wallet

2 - Remove the spare key from your wallet

3 - Open the door

Seriously... spend the $2 and get a spare set of both car and house keys made. Cut them down to small size with a dremel or cut off wheel so they slip easily into a pocket in your wallet. These can also be hidden on your car or around your home.

Drake88 (author)M402016-12-25

For those with fob-only(HAH!) doors - there are a few ways to make or buy cheap copies to open your door. About the "HAH!" - many car makers still install a keyed lock on your car door. They just hide the key-hole under a plastic fairing(minus the hole to access the key slot) that fits over door handle.

jameslcobern62 (author)M402016-12-17

Just don`t lose your wallet! We lost our fob and our second car key,but we got a regular spare key that will open the door and turn on the inside electrical (it won`t start the car). But at least it will get you in the car.

sbrown9578 (author)M402016-07-15

My car only opens with a fob. Getting a spare costs a lot of money. It came with two fobs. It wears out after awhile. So when you are using your second one start saving for a new one. I priced it at $150. Not like the old days when $2 covered a new key. I also don't have any locks, either on the door or handle. It is all done by the fob and the locks are inside the door frame.

mae-kitty (author)sbrown95782016-07-24

Every car, even luxury cars, that don't have a visible key slot are still required to have a key slot as a failsafe in case of electrical failures. Chances are, the slot is being covered by a piece of trim on your door handle. Look up your make and model in google along with "manual entry" Figure that out, then go to your local ACE or whatever hardware store you have in your town and request a non chipped spare be made of your physical key. Should only cost 3 bucks. If your car didn't come with a physical key then you need to making some phone calls. Because someone at the dealership is going to be in BIG trouble.

AF6YS (author)mae-kitty2016-10-09

If you don't have a spare, you can make an "original" and make all spares from the original master. But you will need your VIN off of your registration, they may even ask to see the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or show other proof of ownership if you bought it from the dealer. This goes for any vehicle with a VIN.

jbrown47 (author)sbrown95782016-07-15

If you're talking about your fob buttons eventually failing to lock/unlock, you can easily fix it without replacing. Just open the fob up and slip a small sliver of paper or foil folded several times between the button and the part of the circuit board that activates the button that won't work anymore!

Keywizard (author)sbrown95782016-07-15

The batteries in the fobs are easily replaceable for less than $10, it is much smarter than buying a new fob for over $100. They do not wear out, but if you submerge in water they will stop working for a while, but generally if you let them dry out and use a new battery they will continue to work for twenty years or more.

Mjtrinihobby (author)M402016-07-29

Best advice yet!

docrock (author)M402016-07-15

I wish I could do that but my spare keys are like $450 a piece. Luckily I can just call BWM SOS and they can unlock remotely I believe. My car make it really hard to lock keys inside too.

tf-Bullet (author)docrock2016-07-16

the key to unlock the car door doesn't need to have the immobilizer-chip, the pure key for opening the door isn't that expensive ;)

you couldn't use it to drive away with your car though...

HariKarier11 (author)M402016-07-16

I agree, the first thing that you should do after you buy a new vehicle is get 2 spare keys made, 1 for your wallet or your purse and 1 at home. As for the gentleman who owns the BMW, it would be advantages to buy a spare key, even at 450.00 is cheaper than a locksmith if you're ever in a place where there is no reception.

kwd3 (author)M402016-07-14

Great solution - I have been doing this since 1996 when I looked my keys in a car - in a rain storm. Ever since - two keys in the wallet - Not modified - but small piece of straw (drinking kind) put over teeth to protect wallet w/o gumming up the key.

KZKY (author)2016-12-10

Magnet key holders fall off too easily. One of the best key holders I've seen for trailer hitches is the key safe. It locks, is hard to break into plus there is a dust cover that makes it completly hidden.

duggers021 (author)2016-12-08

This is the biggest line of bull ive ever heard. Not even s mazda would open with a string i 30 seconds. String is not stiff enough to get started eitbout a prg tool

AF6YS (author)2016-10-09

AAA will make you a spare key for free that fits flat in your wallet about the size of a credit card.

CharlesQ1 (author)2016-07-14

I usually let things like this go but this instructable is complete B.S. for several reasons. 1) The preview image of the instructable shows the string being used in the key hole (which is not the case 2) The instructable says to use a shoelace but what's being shown is fine twine 3) I know of no car that has that much space between the weather seal and the frame. If it did then your car would get wet when it rained 4) You would have to have one hell of a tight "slip knot" for it not to close up as you pulled the string back and forth to work the loop down to the lock pull 5) Almost no car made after the 80s has a lock that would allow a loop to catch. The lock mechanism is either flush with the door panel by the handle or the pull is either smooth or flush with the door when locked. This instructable screams uselessness.

Mjtrinihobby (author)CharlesQ12016-07-29

Completely agree with you!

greenbriel (author)CharlesQ12016-07-15

Seconded in all regards.

spryor71 (author)CharlesQ12016-07-14

1. is a visual analogy of car keys.

2. if you didn't have twine, a shoelace can work.

3. I just inserted a coat hanger thru my door with ease. (string would be easier)

4. you are correct! that knot he instructs you to use, is one hell of a tight knot.

5. you are correct! my 2002 ford truck has about 1/8" lock showing, and nearly impossible to hook it.

Replicator (author)CharlesQ12016-07-14

I'm with you on this one....

tisaconundrum (author)2016-07-26

Interesting idea. But the first picture is rather deceiving. It looked like you were going to put the string into the keyhole...

Unfortunately, this doesn't even apply for me.

JoeV24 (author)2016-07-14

Do all this stuff on the PASSENGER'S SIDE door. If you mess it up by dropping some linkage or worse, on that side, at least you can still use the driver's side normally when you find your keys for real.

AAA teaches that in their "T6" classes.

maniacse (author)JoeV242016-07-26

Exactly. Any atempt of opening you car make through passenger side. Always. Even when you are experienced, better safe then sorry.

jbrown47 (author)2016-07-15

This is pretty smart. I have a question though. How did his alarm not go off in the video? Was it edited out? Pretty much every vehicle made in the last 15+ years with a factory alarm will go off if you unlock the car from the inside after its been locked.

Madjonnyboy (author)2016-07-15

A piece of thin plastic strap, the sort used to secure large cardboard boxes used to work quite well when doubled into a loop and forced through the door seal, I watched a policeman do this using a piece of plastic he found on the beach (he helped us get back in our car!) Locks are useless against thieves, the last time our car was broken into a CROWBAR was used! They went through the CD collection and stole NOTHING, so they had no musical taste at all.

RonGarza (author)2016-07-15

How about a magnetic reed switch in parallel with the electric lock system. A ring magnet (to click the switch) can be stored at the base of the antenna (if the car has one), or tied to the grill (or some other place) with bailing wire or such. The reed switch can be taped to the inside of the windshield.

Laral (author)2016-07-15

I guess this beats a coathanger. Before electronic fobs, I used to carry a foldable lock pick in my wallet.

tazmo8448 (author)2016-07-15

I use 'slim jims' in a pinch but the thought crossed my mind that car thieves would love this

jfoleyus (author)2016-07-14


nehmo (author)jfoleyus2016-07-14

Actually, you can unlock a modern car by drilling a small hole and shorting the switch to make the door unlock. It wouldn't be proper for me to go into more detail, but a mechanically minded person could figure it out.

isa_k (author)2016-07-14

Great for a car with a pin to latch the loop around and on to.

Dat clickbait photo tho

macgyver71 (author)2016-07-14

My thought as well. Clickbait photo, and somehow it was one of the "today's staff picks". Disappointing

RevMiller13 (author)macgyver712016-07-14

maybe they got someone new on the staff...

MattB20 (author)2016-07-14

If it only takes 30 seconds, why was the video 1 minutes and 44 seconds? LOL, just joking, good idea

Mamacrystal (author)2016-07-14

Me....I'd just call RACV (Royal Auto Club Victoria) or your equivalent.... much easier than going around with a length of string or a hanger tucked into pocket or purse :) I have actually had to do that. Pays to be a member!

RaymondR6 (author)2016-07-14

I can unlock my car in less than five seconds without a key or a fob. It is a Ford Fusion that has the ten-digit keyboard on the door frame, and uses five numbers to unlock.

ukw (author)2016-07-14

On cars without the knob, like Audi you can insert two screws on top part of the door, push them to enlarge the space in the upper door, and use something like an iron stick to push the unlock doors on the handler.

GrayandGimpy (author)ukw2016-07-14

Screwdrivers and an iron stick? Don't care much for your paint? Try inflatable wedges.

MrFixit1954 (author)GrayandGimpy2016-07-14

That is a great idea, but harder to find than 6 foot string (or a wire coat hanger - which only works on lock knobs that have a head on them like a nail, most nowdays are smooth cylindrical with a rounded end, nice and slippery. You are better off with a spare key.

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