How to Unlock a Bathroom Lock if Your Sibling Has it Locked

Picture of How to Unlock a Bathroom Lock if Your Sibling Has it Locked
     Have you ever needed to get into the bathroom and you can't get in because one of your siblings locked it?, If so definitely read his instructable. Right when I see that the door is locked I think "Jury-Rig it!," and so should you.
     Most bathroom locks are very simple unlike the lock to your front door, most are just simple turning locks on the door knob. So if  that's simple it must be pretty easy to get in once you have an idea. That's why I made this instructable, to show you the way I figured out how to get into a locked door. Although this only works on certain kinds of locks.

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Step 1: What You Can Use

Picture of What You Can Use
To get into a bathroom lock you can use almost anything including: change in your pocket (quarter, penny, nickle, or even a dime), or maybe a paperclip in your drawer or pocket. If you don't have any of that stuff then you can even use your belt!

Step 2: How to Unlock the Door

To unlock the lock you have to turn the object your using side ways, push it in, and turn, you'll see in the pictures, they'll help you.

Step 3: Lock Master

Picture of Lock Master
Now you know how to open a bathroom door if your sibling is being annoying and purposely locking you out of the bathroom.
OMG I DID NOT KNOW this. -_- Kinda why that slit is there.
monkeynuts (author)  The Expert Noob1 year ago
You should vote for me in the Jury-Rig it contest
diygurl231 year ago
How would u do it if there is no key hole on the door knob on the outside? How would u unlock it?
monkeynuts (author)  diygurl231 year ago
I dont know, i'll figure that out for you. :)
Bongmaster1 year ago
that's only for that particular bathroom lock
Actually, it works with ALL slot-type locks. Hole-type locks are only a little bit harder, needing a flathead screwdriver that fits into the hole to turn the lock (still the same internal mechanism). The only difference between the two is how quickly you can open them.
monkeynuts (author)  Bongmaster1 year ago
I no, I wrote that on the first page in the last sentence.