Picture of How to Update Your Garden Annually for Flowers, Veggies, or Vines
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UPDATE: 22 June 2008 I have posted photos below of my first bumper crop. The plants are nice and full and are still producing. I still have more on the vines growing.

In this Instructable I will show you what I did to update the soil, plants, and watering system. I hope that this Instructable will inspire you to create and or update your own garden. You can update your garden annually for planting Flowers, Veggies, Vines, or what ever you would like to plant there. You will also find a few ideas of how to stay GREEN in your garden. I did not use any chemical fertilizers in this garden, it is all natural.

You will see pics of various stages of the other Instructables that I have made that go hand in hand with this one. But this Instructable deals with the actual gardening part I have added links below if you are interested in looking at the other related Instructables.

In Sept of 2007 I created the Instructable Building a Raised Garden: The Mator Patch. I recently added a new Instructable The Doggy Garden Fence which consists of building a simple fence from scratch, which of course keeps my dogs out. They did some serious damage last year. So this year I repaired and upgraded. They wanted and area of their own in the garden so I also added The Doggy Retreat
Lizzie Chi5 years ago
I really like your garden!
 Yeah! (I second that motion)
katmckee5 years ago
why didn't you add some organic matter to your soil before planting? maybe you have high nutrient clays/silts in arizona?
chardster6 years ago
The bell peppers are beautiful!!
scafool6 years ago
To dig or not to dig? Is this the question? Is it better to grow fruits and berries, or the more lowly, yet more solid and sustaining root crops? Will the wife plant nothing but flowers (again), or lettuce leave the garden to the salad crops? Merry Christmas and Peas on Earth to everyone.
that fence should be purple... lol
j9j6 years ago
This is great. Thank you. I think you might also be interested in the permaculture concept which improves the soil without tilling. for an extreme version of it (you can do it in your garden - i am planning my permaculture garden now to help reduce my carbon and save water) check out greening the desert on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sohI6vnWZmk
Happy gardening. from a sunny sydney (with strict water restrictions).
there is also one on this site. http://www.instructables.com/id/Grow-organic-food-without-spending-%24/
Wow, that looks really great. Im thinking of building something like this around my house using shrubs or flowers, all I have right now is some redneck tin sheets around my home. Thanks you som much for the idea!
Mr. Rig It (author)  Dudewithspudgun7 years ago
You are very welcome. I would love to see an instructable out of what you do. Take some before pictures also. Good luck with your project.
I really like this idea! Your garden looks so neat and tidy. Can you tell me how you saved your pepper plants from last summer? I would really like to try that with mine this year. Thanks so much!
Mr. Rig It (author)  MiInstructables7 years ago
Thanks for the complememt. I had build a planter box out of left over wood so I could more them around it I needed to. They just stayed alive because even though it does get cold here in Phoenix, AZ it was still warm enough they survived. My dogs however almost killed them by chewing on them. After that I built the garden and put them in ground and they came back bigger than they were the year before. I planted them in mulch so that may have helped. I got these peppers from www.gardenerschoice.com they are pretty hardy but I have yet to get any large peppers only medium sized ones so far. These are supposedly a specialized breed. Next time I am going to try some regular peppers from seeds and hopefully get larger peppers.