Step 4: Run the irrigation

Picture of Run the irrigation
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Time to run the irrigation for the plants.

I hope this doens't confuse anyone but, these are the same pictures from the previous step but are also used in this step.

I tapped into my exsiting landscape irrigation system to water my plants. I bought a 50 ft roll of 1/4 tubing from Home Depot. I had to run about 15-20 ft of tubing from the front yard to get to my area in the backyard. I just buried the tubing in the rocks on the side of my house so you can't see it. I routed the tubing through the backyards drain hole and put a t-section splitter to run it to my tomatoe plant and the other side went to the peppers.

Each plant has its own respective branch or irrigation tubing running to it. This is where I added most of the T sections. Each branch also has an adjustable valvle drip head on it. This way I can adjust water flow accordingly for each plants needs.
I also used the diagonal cutters and the knife to cut the tubing hose.

Once I had all of the drip system tubing in place I tested and adjusted each drip valve.

Next I placed big river rocks over certain parts of the tubing incase the tubing was pulled on, this helps keep the tubing in place.

Now it's time for mulch.