How to Upload Images to Instructables From IPhoto





Introduction: How to Upload Images to Instructables From IPhoto

If you use iPhoto, finding photos' location on your computer to upload them can be a challenge.  Fortunately, you can simply drag the photos from iPhoto into an upload dialog box to go straight to their folder.  On Instructables, hit "Choose Files" and drag the photo from iPhoto into the box where you choose the file from your computer.  Here a tip to make it fast:  start dragging an image, and without letting up on your mouse, hit "Apple-Tab" to switch the focus from iPhoto to Instructables to drop in the image.



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    For some reason the uploader I use (the old one), when I click upload files it wont upload because the iphoto window doesn"t stay up. I don"t know how to switch to the new uploader. I"m thinking that since I"m using the old uploader that that"s the reason!?

    I usually "export" as files to a temporary "upload" directory (which permits resizing at the same time.)  After that it's pretty trivial.  Files in the upload directory are temporary can can be deleted as needed.

    Don't forget to create an "Instructables" album for all the photos you've uploaded there...

    I do the same thing. I prefer to select all the photos at once, export them, then upload them. (Plus, they upload faster if you resize first and exporting allows you to do that easily.)

    Although, sometimes I edit photos in photoshop first and resize and save from there.

    All along I have been bringing photos to my desktop from iphoto, opening them in Photoshop and resizing them and saving them to my desktop and then opening them into the 'ible - do I not have to resize them after all? This would be a great timesaver.

    I never resize. 

    Take a look at an image's page on Instructables.  We're already resizing for you!

    Well a belated Thank You then fro having such an advanced website! I am always impressed.

    Oh Ninzerbean, you are so clever to even understand all this stuff. xxooYour ludite friend, Porcupinemamma

     This might work with aperture too. I will have to try