Picture of How to Upload Videos to YouTube using iMovie
These instructions are designed to teach you how to upload high quality videos from iMovie HD 7 to YouTube. Go to this link for complete video instructions:
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Step 1: Prerequisites

• You have transferred the video files from your camera to the computer

• You have created a YouTube account

• iMovie HD 7 is installed on your Mac OSX 10.6 computer

Step 2: Importing Raw video into iMovie HD 7

Picture of Importing Raw video into iMovie HD 7
Step 2.tiff
Step 3.tiff
1. Open iMovie

2. Click on Create New Project

3. Title your project

     • Under video format select DV Widescreen

4. Click create

5. Open the folder containing the raw video using a Finder window

    • Drag the file(s) into one of the gray tiles on the right side of the iMovie interface

Step 3: Creating your .MOV output file

Picture of Creating your .MOV output file
Step 5.tiff

Titling your movie

1. Click on the editing option on the bottom right of the iMovie window

2. Click on the Titles box on the top right of the iMovie window

3. Choose a title appearance from the dialog box

4. Type your title into the text box

5. Click add located below the text box

Step 4: Sequencing the Raw Videos

Picture of Sequencing the Raw Videos
1. Click on the clips button

2. Drag clips into the time line box in the desired order
DanielH63 months ago

how to do it on a pc.

GrimSweeper3 years ago
Having the pre-requisites as a separate step was somewhat odd; it would be better if they were included in something that is not a step. The steps are clear, but can be confusing for those with no knowledge beforehand of the programs. I feel Step Five could be split up for added clarity as well. Finally, Step 3's subtitle is either unnecessary, or should be the title of Step 3 itself, otherwise it breaks up the flow a bit. On the nitpicky side of things, in the images for Step 5, one picture seems to have been put in twice. Otherwise, the instructions are well-put and helpful.
This is a good tutorial for uploading iMovie to YouTube. Just to nitpick, in addition to what others have commented upon regarding wordiness and a few select problems (which you have corrected), it might be helpful to separate some of the sub-step instructions in order to space out the information. It seems a little congested at times. Specifically, I am referring to the somewhat long Steps 5 and 6. Otherwise, great job!

Ashton Brown
ENGL313, Fall 2011
the instructions were good enough for me to able to do on my own, but I can see how a person, that does not have any background with this stuff, might have a tough time.
I thought that overall your instructions were very helpful. I have to agree with some of the additional comments, Step 1: "Assumptions" is a bit confusing but is only a minor adjustment. "Pre-Requisites" would work better here or "Prior to Starting." Otherwise, the pictures are very helpful. They clearly direct first-time users in the right direction. Overall, great job. - Ryan Antisdale
EngUA3133 years ago
This was a good tutorial, I feel like the images did help. I think the only problem might be that I feel like you may have to have some background knowledge, not made for beginners really but overall, good job! -Maryam N.
cjmueller3 years ago
Overall, it is a pretty good tutorial. I agree with the other comments about the "assumptions" section. Also, I would consider including comments for your images. It is fairly easy to do through instructables.
scheinma3 years ago
Great instructions. A little wordy and remember that users have to backtrack some.
dbezies3 years ago
Your instructions were helpful overall. But i agree with the other comment, change the first step "Assumptions" to something else, maybe "Before you start" or "Pre-requisites". otherwise very well done.
KH23233 years ago
Pretty helpful. Step 1 "Assumptions" is weird. Maybe "Pre-Requisites"?